Google introduces named anchors for better indexed page search results

In news that will particularly interest those who write longer feature/research pieces on their blog, Google has announced a new search addition to its search that links to the most relevant sections of long articles.

To allow Google to run its algorithm over web pages, authors need to add a table of contents and appropriately named HTML anchors to content. This shouldn’t be too much hard work for new articles, particularly if you already use HTML headings to create sections, though it’s a bit of a pain to go back through existing articles and you’ll have to weigh up whether it’s worth the effort. [Read more…]

Established media players want greater differentiation in Google search results

Media companies with vast budgets who produce “professional content” should get some preferential treatment from Google, according to a weekend report in Advertising Age.

I’ve avoided using sensationalist headlines because I think there’s value in looking at the underlying principles here.

It would be very easy for me, as a blogger, to have a knee-jerk reaction against those calling for Google to favour certain brands, particularly as one content executive described bloggers as “parasites off the true produces of content”. [Read more…]