Are Tags Working?

Tag Cloud in sidebar created by the Ultimate Tag Warrior WordPress Plugin

Are blog tags working? Are they working for your blog? As a blog reader, do you use them to search a blog when you visit? Do you visit Technorati and search through their tags for information, or do you just hit the search engines?

We’ve been playing with tags on our blogs for about three years or so and I’m wondering if they are still working.

Categories work. I use categories all the time on the blogs I visit. They represent the content on the blog, directing me to categories of information I may be interested in. I also use them as identifiers on the expertise of the blogger. If the categories are related, they must know what they are blogging about. I see categories as your blog’s table of contents.

Tags, however, are more like your blog’s index words. They are micro-categories. Do you use them when you visit a blog? I’m not and I’m wondering why.
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Web Browser Guide: Searching the Web Tips

Google Info Search provides extra links to help you find more information on a site

So far, the Web Browser Guide for Bloggers has covered some of the basic and often overlooked features and functions of your web browser, explored Favorites, Bookmarks, and History features, improving your online efficiency with button, keyboard, and mouse shortcuts, and started you on the path for using a web browser for its primary function, searching the web. In this section, I’ll cover some of the popular techniques for actually digging into search engines and finding the information you want.

These techniques are usually the same across all the different search engines, but some may use different ones. If in doubt, click on the link to Help or Advanced Search on the search engine’s main page to find out what your usage options are for that service.

You think you’ve done some searching before – well, hang on to your search hat. We’re going to explore some serious searching techniques to help you find what you are looking for on the web.
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Is Google Droping Blogs From Google News?

With the line between blogs and mainstream media (or MSM for short) getting blurrier by the day, it was not a surprise a few years ago to see highly trafficked blogs being cited at news sources on Google News.

Although many hailed this as another victory for bloggers, others argued that including opinionated voices would generally hurt Google News with people presenting their viewpoint as if it were the only acceptable reality.

Now it seems that the search engine king has removed many of these blogs from its listings as news sources, which may not make too many people happy.
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Technorati acquires Personal Bee

Technorati announced the acquisition of Personal Bee, a service that allows its users to collect and publish news, entertainment and information from across the web. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

“With the addition of the Personal Bee technology, we are creating tools to facilitate the growth of this Live Web, which is the conversational part of the Internet that is dynamic, rather than static,” said David Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati.

“By joining forces with Technorati, we are adding flexible publishing capabilities so that everyone can find conversations, track up-and-coming ideas and stories, and customize the Live Web in any way they like,” Ted Shelton, founder and CEO of Personal Bee, added.

Shelton is joining the Technorati team as Vice President of Business Development.

Viacom sleeps with Google’s rival

Yahoo Inc. entered into a multi-year partnership with media conglomerate and Google’s tormentor Viacom Inc. to provide exclusive sponsored search and contextual ads to all high-profile web sites owned by Viacom.

Under the deal, Yahoo will cover Viacom’s 33 broadband sites, including,,, and The deal can potentially expand to more than 140 additional Viacom web sites worldwide.

The deal shuts Google in Viacom’s radar and is seen as Yahoo’s latest effort to stay ahead of its arch-rival in online-search competition.

Last week to get Microsoft to donate to

We don’t appear to have written about this worthy cause before, and now there’s just over one week remaining to get Microsoft to donate a bit more of its wealth to the global good.

For those who haven’t already heard, Microsoft teamed up with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and has promised to donate money to the project, which helps the estimated 9 million refugee children and youth around the world, for every search made at

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iBegin Source Launched

iBegin launched its local search service last year amid a general excitement over local search. First city to go live was Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Then iBegin followed with Ottawa, and then US Cities Kalamazoo, MI and Nashville, TN. These usually include business listings, reviews, ratings and recommendations that are user-contributed. And of course, there’s the requisite mapping interface you would expect from a local search service.

It looks like iBegin has just upped the ante and found an ideal business model as well: licensing out business data. iBegin has launched iBegin Source. And it’s not just about a few cities. They’ve gone nationwide in the US, with about 10.8 million establishments to date. I hear iBegin has big plans to go worldwide, soon. [Read more…]

BlogCatalog wants you to pay to boost traffic

BlogCatalog announced that it has created a paid results product for bloggers to boost traffic. The new system provides bloggers with the ability to pay for premium spots in BlogCatalog’s category search results.

“For bloggers and website owners, traffic is the life-blood of their online existence,” says Tony Berkman director of BlogCatalog’s future vision group. “Because it isn’t always easy for blogs to get traffic, BlogCatalog’s mission is to drive quality, volume traffic to our subscribers. In order to get quality traffic, though, we clearly get that BlogCatalog has to serve up highly relevant search results. The formula is simple. The more relevant the results, the more traffic we can drive to bloggers.” [Read more…]

Blog Search Engines Compared

Google Operating System has a “shallow” comparison of blog search engines.

Alex compares these by feature and by functionality–that is what particular circumstances you’d probably want to use which search engine for. I would agree that this would be the correct way to compare–so to speak–the various blog search engines, since this is mostly like comparing apples to oranges. They each have their strengths (and limitations), and they each have their own way of organizing the vast amounts of blog content out there. [Read more…]

Google misspells itself as Googe


We bloggers often make spelling mistakes but when you see Google overlooked its Valentine’s Day logo like the one below…


… you’ll wonder if the artist was too in love or just got heart-broken to notice the misspelling.

Happy Valentines everyone! :)