Selling A Blog: Not Just About The Money

I have sold my fair share of blogs, although I’m most definitely not among the worst blog hustlers out there. Every time I have indeed decided to part with a blog, or any other website for that matter, I’ve done what I could to find a good buyer. Not all manage to do so, blinded by the hopes and dreams of the buyer, or just by the wad of dollar bills offered. There’s a really nice post on that up on Webmaster Source, which comes down to this advice:

If you ever end up wanting to sell a well-established blog for some reason, think of your readers. Before you just sell to the highest bidder, put up a post asking if any of them would like to buy it. Someone from your community is more likely to keep it going. Shop it around to some blog networks or other bloggers on the same topic, maybe.

So true, so true. Read the whole thing here.