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January 13, 2009

Seth Godin on Doing Daily Posts

Advertising Age published an email exchange with mastermind Seth Godin regarding him starting to post daily. And since it is Seth Godin, the blogosphere listens. Among other things, Godin said this on why going daily:

My goals in blogging are:
To spread ideas
To put my ideas out there and get them out of the way of the next idea
To encourage people to add alacrity to their diet
I find that I have about six bloggable ideas a day. I also find that writing twice as long a post doesn’t increase communication, it usually decreases it. And finally, I found that people get antsy if there are unread posts in their queue.

Hence, the compromise on daily.

Read the whole thing for more Godin goodness.

How often do you post on your blog?

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May 2, 2008

Blog Post Quantity/Quality Questions

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Bloggers often worry about blog posting frequency but also other writing metrics:

  • Does length matter?
  • Detail, how much is enough?
  • Does the time taken to post matter?

Does how we say matter as much as what we say and how often? read more

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