Sharing Is Liking: Facebook Like Buttons Replacing The Share Feature

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Facebook LogoSince the advent of Social Bookmarking, share buttons have reigned supreme and have made sharing content much easier. As Social Networks evolved so did their share buttons. Facebook is taking a new step in how sharing is defined by retiring its share button and replacing it with the new like feature.

Facebook has introduced a new update to its like button which changes how content creators and users interact. The first major update is how a liked story is shared: a thumbnail, title and blurb are posted to your stream and will be prominent to your friends. Comments and additional likes are now supported to encourage friends to discuss a story or piece of interesting content via Facebook.

How liked stories are displayed on your wall

The goal of Facebook’s improved like button is to promote content and make it more visible amongst friends. The addition of friends being able to like a story and comment it will give content publishers more reason to consider using Facebook if they want more conversations generated.

By redefining how the share button works, Facebook is hoping to increase exposure of great content and promote the social validation associated with someone in your network liking something. The share button will be supported by Facebook but the new like button will be the future of content sharing.

Collect, Share and Swap With Keepio Marketplace


Unless you are a Buddhist monk, there’s a good chance you have accumulated a lot of stuff over your lifetime. Some it is for function; some of it you are emotionally attached to. And some of it, is just plain junk. But as you know, one man’s junk is another’s treasure.

One way to keep your belongings in check is to keep a running list of what you own, and Keepio makes the job easy.

The cloud-based system lets you seamlessly list items, enter descriptions and even upload photos of the things you own. It’s the perfect marketplace where you can collect, share and swap – all under one virtual roof.

So you might be asking yourself, why on earth would I take the time to lists everything I own. Here are a few reasons… [Read more…]