Slow Blogging? That’s Article Writing, People!

The Guardian’s Jon Henley writes about Slow Blogging, which apparently was branded by Todd Sieling, some Canadian tech consultant that doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page, although I’m pretty sure he can exist anyway. Henley quotes this Sieling fellow like this: “a rejection of immediacy … an affirmation that not all things worth reading are written quickly” and “speaking like it matters, like the pixels that give your words form are precious and rare”, and more. Obviously there’s a manifesto as well, which I honestly haven’t bothered with finding.

Slow Blogging. Right. It appeals to Henley, who think it is something to applaud.

So let’s hear it for all those who take the time to think, study and reflect before they post; who do not feel the need to slap the first thing that comes out of their head straight onto the web. People who refuse to update five times a day, or even once a week. People who value quality over quantity.

Sure. Hear hear. [Read more…]