Save the Phone, Save the World (of Security)

We’ve talked before about how important security is if you want your business to succeed. We made sure you knew about the ways hackers might try to conquer your WordPress account and that got us thinking about the other online places we take for granted as being relatively hacker-proof but really…aren’t, like your phone.

save the phone

A lot of people believe that their smartphones are incredibly safe. That’s because most people equate the word “smartphone” with “iPhone” and until recently the iPhone was thought to be virtually hacker proof.

Guess what: they aren’t.  A little over a year ago, NBC News reported that researchers had managed to hack iPhone’s operating system. More recently, there is speculation over whether or not Apple worked with the NSA to allow the agency access to iPhone users’ personal information. [Read more…]

Tips for Blogging While on the Road

blogging while on the road

There used to be a time when blogging on the go was not an easy thing. First, there was the matter of lugging around laptops that were so heavy you’d have a backache in the middle of the day. Then, there was the problem of connectivity.
blogging while on the road
Lucky for us bloggers, these issues are practically non-existent today. You can blog using a tablet or smartphone. Even laptops are so light these days that you won’t even feel the additional weight in your bag. (Well, not really, but you know what I mean.) Of course, 3G/LTE makes connectivity a non-issue – provided that your carrier has decent service.

If you want to maximize your blogging while on the road for one reason or another, here are some tips that will help you do just that. [Read more…]

Foursquare Launches Symbian Application

Foursquare Symbian App Screenshot

Foursquare Symbian App Screenshot

Foursquare has just opened their application up to millions of new users, announcing today on their blog that they have finally released a Symbian based version of their popular location based check-in program.

The announcement gives millions of users with middle and low-end phones access to the company’s database including a home screen widget that shows the most recent friend check-ins on your account (pictured).

While the official announcement from Foursquare was made today, the program has actually been available for two weeks in the Nokia Ovi store and has quickly climbed near the top of the Nokia store’s top download list (top 30 apps).

The Foursquare app will work with Symbian 3.2, 5.0, and ^3 Smartphones. [Read more…]

What Would A Facebook Phone Look Like? Speculating Over A Rumor

Facebook Phone

Facebook PhoneThere’s speculation surfacing today form the Washington Post that a Facebook phone may be in the works. While details about the phone are yet unknown or confirmed it’s probably safe to assume that the device wouldn’t feature an all encompassing mobile operating system like the iPhone OS or Google Android, after all that’s not what Facebook developers do, however it would be fun to predict what Facebook might offer.

First, I assume the device wouldn’t be as expensive as a high-end Smartphone, rather falling in the “mid-range” area. Facebook wants their users to stay connected to their site and engage with their property when on other websites (Like buttons, Share buttons, etc), a decent browser with built in “like” functionality would make sense, but the ability to add third-party, non-Facebook platform based apps and perform other functions outside of emailing probably wouldn’t be of big concern, at least not during the company’s first foray into the market. If they really wanted an OS they could just hack apart Google Android much in the same way Verizon and other companies have made that system their own (gotta love Linux open source platforms).

The phone would probably offer a dedicated “Like” button that could be used when browsing the web, allowing users to share posts from any website they choose, regardless of whether that site offers Like buttons of their own. [Read more…]