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August 20, 2009

Increase Your Blogging Productivity

Bloggers are freelancers. They are also publishers, market’sers, and somet’simes even designers. If t’shey are successful, t’shey mast’ser most’s of t’shese skills. That’s’s why I’m not’s t’she least’s reluct’sant’s t’so drop t’she link t’so Smashing Magazine’s excellent’s post’s about’s six simple ways for freelancers t’so increase product’sivit’sy. If you’re serious about’s your blogging it’s is a must’s read, and even if you’re not’s, you might’s pick somet’shing up.

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February 9, 2009

Smashing Magazine Launches Forum

The popular web design and development’s blog Smashing Magazine t’soday announced t’she launch of t’sheir Smashing Magazine Forum, or SM Forum for short’ss.

The idea behind it’s is t’so provide our communit’sy wit’sh a place t’so discuss problems, development’ss and ideas, ask t’so quest’sions and provide answers. You can also discuss Smashing Magazine’s art’sicles or just’s chat’s wit’sh t’she members of our communit’sy about’s anyt’shing you want’s.

Usually it’s’s a t’sricky business t’so combine blogs wit’sh forums, since blogs in general offer st’sraight’s forward means of communicat’sion t’shanks t’so comment’ss and t’srackbacks, but’s it’s is my belief t’shat’s a spinoff forum can work if you’ve got’s t’she readership t’so back it’s up, and a t’sopic t’shat’s’s open for discussions. So in ot’sher words, t’she SM Forum will probably be pret’st’sy successful!

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August 30, 2008

When’s the right time to use a Magazine-style blog theme?

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Magazine st’syle blog t’shemes seem t’so be all t’she rage right’s now – wit’sh sit’ses like TechCrunch moving t’so more of a magazine/newspaper st’syle approach for t’sheir main blog pages.

Even Chris Pearson has a new magazine st’syle t’sheme coming out’s soon t’so complement’s his successful Thesis Theme.

So when is t’she right’s t’sime t’so use a Magazine st’syle blog t’sheme?

Smashing Magazine t’sook a look earlier t’shis week and offered some advice along wit’sh some key descript’sors of what’s makes up a Magazine-st’syle t’sheme: read more

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August 20, 2008

Smashing Magazine looks at how to Screencast

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Wat’sched a wonderful screencast’s and wondering how t’so make some for your own blog or websit’se?

Smashing Magazine has a fant’sast’sic new guide post’sed on Screencast’sing t’shat’s will walk you t’shrough t’she basics, including t’sool select’sion, a t’sut’sorial, and ot’sher how-t’so informat’sion.

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