Increase Your Blogging Productivity

Bloggers are freelancers. They are also publishers, marketers, and sometimes even designers. If they are successful, they master most of these skills. That’s why I’m not the least reluctant to drop the link to Smashing Magazine’s excellent post about six simple ways for freelancers to increase productivity. If you’re serious about your blogging it is a must read, and even if you’re not, you might pick something up.

Smashing Magazine Launches Forum

The popular web design and development blog Smashing Magazine today announced the launch of their Smashing Magazine Forum, or SM Forum for shorts.

The idea behind it is to provide our community with a place to discuss problems, developments and ideas, ask to questions and provide answers. You can also discuss Smashing Magazine’s articles or just chat with the members of our community about anything you want.

Usually it’s a tricky business to combine blogs with forums, since blogs in general offer straight forward means of communication thanks to comments and trackbacks, but it is my belief that a spinoff forum can work if you’ve got the readership to back it up, and a topic that’s open for discussions. So in other words, the SM Forum will probably be pretty successful!

When’s the right time to use a Magazine-style blog theme?

Magazine style blog themes seem to be all the rage right now – with sites like TechCrunch moving to more of a magazine/newspaper style approach for their main blog pages.

Even Chris Pearson has a new magazine style theme coming out soon to complement his successful Thesis Theme.

So when is the right time to use a Magazine style blog theme?

Smashing Magazine took a look earlier this week and offered some advice along with some key descriptors of what makes up a Magazine-style theme: [Read more…]