No New Nukes in the UK

This story a highlight from my daily reading of the b5media blogs:
No New Nukes in the UK Petition at the Unplugged Living Blog and I couldn’t help but thinking its a good idea. I mean, Her Majesty’s Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland could export their nuclear plants to Iran, after all they are in the market for them, in the same way that France exports weapons to just about anyone and Australia sold wheat with a 10% cut to Saddam Hussein… I wonder if I can sell blogs to North Korea?

(PS there are a lot of wheat farmers in Western Australia who need your help now they’ve lost the Iraq contract. If you need some wheat and have a couple of spare billion to spend, contact AWB Ltd. Offer is open to dictators as well, and “trucking fees” are always great!).


FARK wanted users to write FARK in the snow and post pictures. I couldn’t help but post this:

Vote 1 HotDogs for the Gold Logie

Fresh from getting Samuel Gordon-Stewart’s blog voted as Australia’s best new blog and runner up as Australia’s best overall blog at the Australian Blog Awards, Caz at The Spin Start’s Here has thrown the sites might and power behind what I’m sure could end up becoming the best Australian blog meme of the year, as originally suggested by Kate of Because you wanted it:
hotdogs for gold logie graphic
I know who I’ll be voting for :-)

Why you should vote for The Blog Herald in the Australian Blogging Awards

1. Because the American’s are about to take it over.
It’s only going to be Australian for a couple of more weeks at most, and then I’ll probably still be here for a couple of more months, this is the absolutely last chance I’ve got to win an Australian blogging award, because I don’t think Britney Groupie will qualify next year :-)
2. Because you should put Bunbury on the map!
They say New York is a town that never sleeps, and Bunbury is a city that always sleeps and only occasionally wakes up. Bunbury needs to be more famous than being the home town of the newsreader from Sunrise, Aristos the Chef and that woman a few years back that had rabbits ears on Australian Big Brother (Sarah-Maree?). Bunbury can be made famous as having the winner of the best Western Australian blog AND the best mainstream media blog in Australia!…ignoring the fact of course I live in Australind which is actually 15 kms North of Bunbury and in the Shire of Harvey (which is famous for Dairy Cows and Oranges) and is infamous for being one of the only parts of Australia discovered by the French…Australind is in the Bunbury Statistical Region according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (don’t ask me how I know this, I just do..:-) ) and that’s what should count :-)
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Squash’s 2006 Predictions

I don’t know Phil Sim (yes he appears to be Australian…its a bloody great big country you know), and only found the page via Go Flock Yourself this morning, but I’m loving it already, and his list of 2006 predictions really hit the spot. Some of my favorites:

1. When Oprah Winfrey conducts research for her Robert Scoble episode, she mishears something about a rumour about Microsoft or Google buying Opera. Thinking she herself may have suddenly become a Web 2.0 takeover target, she quickly decides to buy Opera herself, renames it as the Oprah browser, changes the colour scheme to lilac, and it quickly become the default browser choice for every female on the planet as well as the celebrity browser of choice.

4. Web 2.x startups start to have trouble recruiting AJAX developers because they’€™re all working on next-generation online poker and interactive porn sites. The Web 2.x community refuse to accept either genre into their fold, most likely because they’€™re making too much money.

Vale Kerry Packer, Welcome to our Scientology Overlord

Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer, Australia’s richest man (Rupert’s American now after all) and owner of one of Ausrtalia’s largest media and gambling empires Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd (owners of the 9 network, ACP Magazines, Crown Casino to name but a few) passed away last night at the age of 68. More coverage at the Sydney Morning Herald.

I for one would like to welcome James Packer to the helm of PBL and promise to not make too many jokes about the fact that the Church of Scientology now controls one of Australia’s largest media empires. We’ve heard on the grapeview that National Nine News is going to include a salute every night to the Xenu, and well as replacing those overnight happy clappy christian shows with Scientology sessions. I particularly look forward to what our politicians will do now that they have to brown nose to a scientologist. Will Scientology be promised as Australia’s new national religion by the party that want’s the most positive coverage in the press? Will Ricky Ponting turn to Scientology to help the Australian Cricket team….interesting times ahead!