Blab Says Its Social Analytics Can Predict The Future Of Social Conversions

Blab Social

Blab SocialSocial analytics start-up firm Blab launched in public beta today and it claims that its social analytics platform can predict the future of social conversations.

Blab works by listening to 60 million conversions that take place on 50,000 websites. The company uses both text and image matching to detect a websites pages content.

Blab then categorizes the conversations it collects into different general topic areas such as sports and news. Blab claims that it can take patterns from one conversation and then use them to compare new patterns as they emerge. The platform then makes an educated guess at the conversations that will occur over the next three days.

Essentially Blab is a trending tool that aims to predict trends rather than simply reporting on them. [Read more…]

Track Google+ Analytics and Influence with BuzzRank’s Plusalyzer

Plusalyzer by BuzzRank

Plusalyzer by BuzzRank

In a rather unsurprising move, more and more companies have started to develop online Google+ analytics and tracking platforms, adding to their stable of social analytics. Even before any form of Google+ API has been released so far, and with mixed results.

Only days after Google+ was opened to a select group of people, FindPeopleonPlus was released, tracking 1 million Google+ users. Since the service received its 5 minutes of fame the number of people tracked hasn’t grown anymore and statistics haven’t been updated either, even though Google+ has grown to rather large numbers in less than a month already.

The newest kid in town, Plusalyzer by the German BuzzRank team, now tries to deliver the user a more in-depth level of statistics for their contributions to the social network. [Read more…]

PostRank Acquired By Google, Company Moving To San Francisco

PostRank Logo

PostRank LogoSocial analytics data collector PostRank has been acquired by Google, terms of the deal have not been disclosed to the public.

PostRank launched in 2007 and is currently located in Ontario, Canada, although the company will soon move to Google’s San Francisco offices.

If you’re unfamiliar with PostRank, the company collects social sharing information for websites, specifically focusing on “social interaction analytics” such at Twitter and Facebook shares, commenting and user traffic. The company also tracks Digg and Delicious use.

Announcing the deal on the official Postrank blog today CEO/Founder Ilya Grigorik wrote: [Read more…]