Social Media’s Biggest Blunders [Infographic]

Social Media Blunders

Social Media BlundersWhen it comes to using social media all companies, politicians and celebrities are not created equally. In fact some companies and people would have been better off had they never made the social media blunders they attempted to master.

Remember Anthony Weiner? We can name at least one part of the former U.S. Representative you probably remember. How about Woody Harrelson’s awful Reddi AMA (Ask Me Anything) segment that he tried to gear towards his upcoming movie?

And its not only people! There was the Red Cross employee who accidentally tweeted “#gettingslizzerd” from the charity’s official account when they thought they were logged into their personal account.

Also guilty of outright stupid tweets and Facebook posts are Ragu, Nestle and Kenneth Cole among others. [Read more…]