Zynga Bringing Its Social Games To Zynga.com

Zynga Official Social Gaming Website

Zynga Official Social Gaming WebsiteSocial game leader Zynga has announced plans to bring its popular games to Zynga.com after accounting for 12 percent of Facebook’s revenue in 2011.

My early March the company plans to offer such popular titles as “CastleVille,” “Words With Friends,” “CityVille,” “Hidden Chronicles,” and “Zynga Poker.”

While the games may be receiving a new home outside Facebook users will still be able to connect on the Facebook network through an option called “zFriends.”

Taking social to its own platform Zynga will offer real-time chat, an achievements wall where users can choose to post scores and even the ability to send other Zynga users gifts and messages from inside a game.

Also included on the social end is an interface that shows the number of players currently online along with a stream of who’s playing to the right side of the screen.

In the meantime we wouldn’t expect to see Zynga sever ties with Facebook anytime soon, the company still receives 90 percent of its revenue from the social network and they find new players through Facebook Connect. Even on the new platform Facebook Credits will be used to purchase virtual goods with Facebook still taking a 30 percent cut of profits. [Read more…]

Social Gaming Company Zynga Buys Flock

Flock Company Logo

Flock Company LogoZynga has purchased company number 8 in less than one year, announcing today the acquisition of Flock a “social web browser” organization.

Flock launched in 2005 and allows users to move seamlessly between their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn statuses via a sidebar. The social browser also features link-sharing features and a “Social Search” option where users can track their friends conversations based on various topics.

While the cost of the acquisition is not known at this time, we do know it was largely a talent buy with the Flock team joining the Zynga team moving forward.

Company CEO Shawn Hardin wrong about the acquisition on the official Flock blog: [Read more…]

CityVille Sets Social Gaming Debut Record

CityVille By Zynga

CityVille By ZyngaZynga, makers of Farmville, Mafia Wars and FrontierVille have proven once again why they are the world’s largest social gaming company, announcing record signups for their newest Facebook game Cityville.

Cityville, the first game from Zynga to receive a global roll out attracted more than 290,000 people in the first day of wide release, that numbers compared to their previous record of 116,000 players in one day set by FrontierVille just several short months ago.

As the name would suggest, CityVille places players in charge of building and growing their own cities. The game also marks the first time in which friends can “franchise” businesses on their friends game board, allowing for more “social” interaction among players.

The franchise option is apparently so popular that within the first 24 hours nearly 25% of all players had franchised a business on their friends game boars.

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Yahoo Snatches Up Popular Facebook Games

Zynga Logo

Zynga LogoFacebook was able to keep popular Zynga games Farmville and Mafia Wars on their network with some last minute negotiations, but they weren’t able to keep their exclusivity which now includes Yahoo user support.

Yahoo has announced that they will allow access to both of the popular games featured on Facebook plus various other Zynga games which can be found directly from the Yahoo homepage.

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