Social Media as Part of a Political Campaign (Part 1)


Are you thinking of using social media for an election campaign?  Think again.

It is an option worth reconsidering thoroughly because social media can bite, hard.  Probably much harder than mainstream media because of its immediacy, directness, transparency, durability, and capability to reach a fairly large, critical audience.  Moreover, social media demands a level of personal engagement that offers a set of unique difficulties as well as opportunities that candidates may find hard to harness positively.

The fact is, these are the very same qualities that make social media tick and without these qualities, the effect of using social media for an electoral campaign may not only be marginal but may also compete with other media being used in the electoral campaign.

After considering all of this once over and then again, if you’re still convinced that you need this, there are a number of ways to go about preparing to engage in social media.

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