Integrating LinkedIn Long-Form Posts in Your Blogging Strategy


In 2012, LinkedIn launched Influencers, a publishing platform for users to share their knowledge about their field of expertise. It paved way for people like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and Guy Kawasaki, among countless others, to build a readership from this social networking site through the content they create.

Originally, aside from people established in their respective industries, Influencers handpicked other regular users to publish content and build their personal branding through this platform. While it is no longer accepting applications to their Influencers , however, LinkedIn has allowed all members the opportunity to  write long-form posts.

While it doesn’t bear the same weight as Influencers, you as a blogger can still find use to the LinkedIn long-form posts feature, especially if you have a blog. Below are ways on how you can do it.

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Discover How Being Agile Can Jumpstart Your Social Media Marketing

agile social media marketing

Editor’s note: This post was written by Rohan, who creates digital master plans at E2M Solutions for companies seeking advanced search marketing services. He also works on mobile UX improvement for startups and sui generis brands at Hit him up on Google+ for a chat on any of these areas.

agile social media marketing


The typical social media team operates in the middle of a continual, churning chaos of users, suppliers, competitors, agencies and what not. With change being the only constant in such an environment, the only way your social media marketing has any hope of surviving is by being agile and adaptive.

Here I refer to agility not just in terms of speed and nimbleness, it also stands in for the ‘agile philosophy’ that is a fundamental principle of Marketing 2.0. How much does being agile really count from a social media perspective? Let’s find out. [Read more…]

The Biggest Social Media Game Changers for 2015

Wearable technologies will have an affect on social media in 2015.

As 2014 starts winding down, it’s important to look forward and capitalize on the latest trends coming down the social media pipeline. For marketers and bloggers alike, social media networks can be a veritable springboard for great products, services, and ideas. In case you missed it, here’s a list of the biggest social media stories that are going to make a splash in 2015.

1. Wearables

Wearable technologies will have an affect on social media in 2015.
Image courtesy of Giuseppe Costantino. Used in conjunction with Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

As if we couldn’t get more attached to our smartphones, the increasing popularity of wearable technology now allows us to stay connected all hours of the day. From Google Glass to Android Wear and the Apple Watch, these ultra-portable smart devices afford new ways to post, share, and check in seamlessly.

How might this affect the social media savvy? Most important, these devices bring a new sense of immediacy to social media. With sharing that’s even more instantaneous, more visually-driven content will be critically important. As devices become smaller and more integrated “in the moment,” you can forget reaching your audience with pages upon pages of text. [Read more…]

5 Dead Simple Tips That Will Bring You Tons of Traffic from Twitter

tons of traffic from twitter

Editor’s note: This post was written by Tim Soulo, who calls himself an MMA marketer (which stands for “Mixed Marketing Arts”) and his focus is tactics and strategies that bring you either money or clients. Make sure to visit his personal blog at: BloggerJet.

Get tons of traffic from Twitter

How come Twitter is so simple and yet every social media expert on the planet tries to make it look so complicated?

Twitter marketing is not a rocket science, and obviously you don’t need a PhD to run your Twitter account, right?

tons of traffic from twitter


However, many bloggers seem to misunderstand how Twitter works and as they try to milk it for traffic they end up doing totally ineffective things: change their profile picture 3 times, order a custom twitter profile design, and rewrite their twitter bio twice a week. But all of that doesn’t help. [Read more…]

The Power of Social Media Marketing on Business– The Unbeatable Trend


How Powerful is Social Media?

Through the vast advancement of technology, people nowadays depend highly in the juices of technology. We are able to accomplish things fast and efficient through the high tech gadgets and machineries invented. We are also able to connect with different people in diverse culture and race through different social media marketing.

Businesses are one of the great benefactors of social media marketing. Because as we trace history, before we are having a hard time promoting our products and service because of the limited resources we all have. The most popular way of advertising is through the Trimedia (TV, RADIO and Print). Fortunately, many methods are available to help us generate more traffic and eventually translate the lead generation to our target audience. [Read more…]

Social Media as Part of the Online Marketing Mix


It is evident that marketing, online and conventional, is undergoing a transition all over the world. With the popularization of Social Media, many businesses are turning to the internet to facilitate growth.

Internet marketing, in the form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, has been around for quite some time and has proven to be the most targeted marketing strategy with the highest return on investment by far. Now Social Media has been thrown into the mix, and everyone wants to get in on the action, but very few really know how, when or what Social Media marketing actually entails and how it should be used.

Social Media has evolved from experimental sharing of pictures and keeping up with family and friends to an integral part of the Marketing Mix. What many once called “a passing fad” has turned into one of the most powerful mediums to build your business brand, communicate with potential clients and market your business to the masses at a fraction of the cost of conventional marketing. The question now however is: “How do I integrate Social Media Marketing as part of my existing online marketing campaign?” [Read more…]

Marketers Preparing To Spend Up To 10% More On Social Media In 2011 [Study]

Social Media Logos

Social Media LogosWith successful social media campaigns from Kraft Mac & Cheese, Dell Computers, Pepsi and various other “big box” retailers, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that marketers in 2011 are looking to increase their social media spending, however what might surprise some users are the amounts being thrown around.

In a recent poll given to executives and marketers at big box firms including Colgate-Palmolive, Mini USA and Bank of America among others, executives said they planned on increasing their social media ad spends by more than 10% in 2011 on average when compared to 2010. The poll also revealed that of those companies polled, 70% said they would increase spending to those 10+% levels.

When compared to the 13% overall ad spend on TV ads (approx. $68.7 billion) the social media spending number is still rather small ($26 billion last year) however social media as a medium is still rather new and undiscovered and underutilized ad channels are still being implemented and tweaked for launch, which in turn will allow for a more rich marketing experience than what is current offered via TV ads. [Read more…]

Kraft Foods Playing Elaborate Game Of “Jinx” With Twitter Followers

Mac And Cheese T-Shirt - Funny

Mac And Cheese T-Shirt - FunnyDo you love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese? If you do you could be the proud owner of five free boxes of the cheesy goodness, along with a free Kraft t-shirt. The promotion is part of a new Twitter contest the company is running that puts Twitter followers in direct contest with one another.

The program, which has been slowly rolled out over the last several weeks looks for two people at a time who have individually used the phrase “mac & cheese” in a tweet. The first person to click on the “Mac & Jinx” link they receive and give Kraft their address will receive five free boxes of the cheesy food goodness and a T-Shirt.

The new contest comes from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the same company responsible for Burger King’s advertising for more than 10 years as well as Microsoft’s successful “Laptop Hunters” campaign. [Read more…]

Traditional Marketing Meets Social Prowess With New Big Fuel CEO

Jon Bond - Big Fuel

Jon Bond - Big FuelIt was only a matter of time before some of the big wig ad execs on Madison Avenue began to realize that the future of Social Media could give them the outlet they need to stay relevant, that’s what happened this week with social media firm Big Fuel announcing that founder Avi Savar would hand over the reigns of his company to a new CEO, Jon Bond.

Bond is a founder of Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners and he has come on board so Savar can focus more of his time on growing the agency, while driving the company’s creative vision.

The announcement of Bond as CEO comes at the same time as an announcement that Big Fuel will now handle all of General Motors’ social media marketing, adding to their client list that already includes Colgate-Palmolive, Budweiser, Fisher-Price and McDonald’s among others.

Bond is no stranger to the world of marketing at KB (which he left in early 2010) he worked with clients that include BMW, Target, Delta and Wendy’s. He left his founding company after MDC Partners bought a controlling interest in the firm last year.

Adding to speculation that the company is ready to branch out quickly, they have garnered the services of The Jordan Edminston Group who will help them enter new markets both domestically and abroad. [Read more…]