Social Media Background Checks Are Becoming More Common

Twitter Logo

Twitter Logo

The next time you post a message about your drunken nights on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks it might be worth taking a step back and figuring out how those messages may affect your future and even current employment.

The number of employers gathering social network information according to a recent study are on the climb and the information they are gathering might surprise some users, including posts, feeds and even photos.

Evan Urbania of Chatterbox told CBS Local:

“We know that the software and technology and tools that are out there started kind of really recording and logging the social space, going back to about 2005 and 2006 when social media really started to take shape.” [Read more…]

Social Media Privacy Scandal Revealed. Advertisers Know More Than They Should

Facebook Login Page

Facebook Login PageFacebook, MySpace and various other social platforms are now under fire after it was revealed that they have been sending user information to advertisers, specifically user profile information when their sites visitors have been logged in and then clicked on an advertiser link.

According to the Wall Street Journal that user information was sent despite assurances from many major social networks that they would not send that type of identifiable data without their users consent.

Usernames and ID numbers can be easily used to obtain personal information (various demographics) about users. Among some of the largest groups to receive this information have been Google and their DoubleClick platform and Yahoo Right Media. Both Google and Yahoo however are claiming that they were not aware they were receiving the extra user information.

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