What the Future of Social Media Looks Like

future of social media

Editor’s note: This post was written by Christopher Latter, co-founder of Trendii. He’s a digital marketer and entrepreneur. The majority of his experience is based in SEO and social media, and he also performs a range of other digital marketing techniques. He is a keen writer and enjoys bringing all his experiences together in an interesting way. He’s currently helping to launch a new social network as part of a new start-up incubator program called Start Tank, run by PayPal & Braintree. You can find him on LinkedIn.

Note from the author: This article is largely speculation. The author cannot in fact see the future, much to his regret.

Thinking about what the future of social media might be is a funny thing. By its very nature, it’s a fast-moving magpie of an industry, jumping onto the next idea that comes along. Sure, I can make some speculations, but say ten years from now, anyone looking back at this article will probably find it laughably quaint, in-between fending off the invading alien legions. Like all those old science-fiction films where they thought we’d be living on moon bases by 1999. Oh, 70s sci-fi, you had such high hopes for us. [Read more…]

Naughty Or Nice? The Holiday’s Top Social Media Trends [Infographic]

Naughty Or Nice Infographic

Social Media Holiday ChatterThe holiday season is upon us and in celebration of that special time of year the team atSynthesio, a global social media monitoring company, has put together a fun infographic with the top holiday trends in social media.

The firm researchers social media chatter and found that the United States was in first place with 63% saturation, followed by the UK with 30 percent of holiday chatter and France with 4 percent. Far behind was China with 1 percent.

What might be most interesting was the firms examination of what each person on social media thinks of Santa Clause. Here is what US citizens thinks: [Read more…]