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February 13, 2012

Celebrating The History Of Social Media Through Video

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Social Media Around The World

In the last decade social networking has not only become a buzz word but a way of life for nearly one billion users around the world. Website users use social media to engage their audience, family use it to stay connected and other users engage in their own personal ways.

While the Grovo created video might not provide eye opening facts for those of us who spend a majority of our time online it’s a great way to engage family members and friends who just don’t get this “whole social media thing.”

The most interesting part of the video might just be to watch the internet unfold from bulletin board interactions to Geocities to blogging platforms such as WordPress to today’s top social networking sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and of course Facebook. read more

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October 18, 2011

Facebook’s New Timeline Feature: How to Use It

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Facebook has rolled out a number of awkward changes in the past couple of months. While many, like the changes to the News Feed and the addition of that obnoxious ticker, were met with much criticism, others may get a bit of praise. This writer, in particular, has already crept her way into the development section and has had the chance to play around with the soon-to-be-released Timeline profile. Here’s what you should know.

The Cover Photo

Let’s start from the top, shall we? The new Timeline changes the way your “profile” looks to those who visit your individual page. Instead of having to tab down the list of links on the left sidebar, your information and personal updates will all show on one page. The most glaring addition is the new cover image. It’s huge and gives you the opportunity to share a moment in your life, set behind your smaller profile image. They’re not the same thing. Both show. The only rules are that you can’t use a copyrighted or promotional image. Choose something that lets your personality shine.
read more

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October 17, 2011

The Risks & Rewards of Social Media for Business Organizations

For a business owner, Social Media presents a unique proposition. It is unique in the sense that the opportunities offered by Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook are like a bait to bigger brand awareness. However, at the same time the viral nature of the Social Media platforms implies that a business would need a solid strategy to tap these media for business and brand promotion because an ill-conceived campaign, backed by a flawed Social Media strategy could become a major bottleneck to the areas of brand promotion, brand awareness and brand positioning.

There can be no denying of the fact that Social Media is one of the fastest media that can be employed to spread a word around. This is so true when you look at how successfully political situations from across the world have been advertised with a special mention going out to the Egyptian crisis of the Tahrir Square. On a similar basis, the natural catastrophic incidents like the Japanese Tsunami have been covered by the people who were on the ground and this has eventually resulted in a better understanding of the ground reality from the perspective of extending timely help and aid to the affected people. read more

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October 14, 2011

Social Media Week In Review: Stories Worth Reading In Case You Missed Them

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Social Media Logos

In case you’ve been living under a rock or spending every conceivable moment on Facebook and nowhere else on the web here’s a list of five stories from the past week that are worth taking a look at.

1. YouTube Sending User-Submitted Science Experiments Into Space

How cool would it be to have Stephen Hawking and a group of his peers choose your science experiment to launch into outerspace. YouTube is holding a contest through their YouTube Space Lab which allows users to submit 2-minute experiment ideas. Two winners will watch live as their experiments are carried out aboard the International Space Station. This is social media meets social experimentation at it’s finest. read more

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September 21, 2011

Social Media Mentions and Search Engines

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It used to be that social media and search engine optimization were mutually exclusive domains. People just did not see the connection between these two.  If you do social media campaigns, such as interacting with your customers on Twitter or maintaining a Facebook page for your business, there is really little need for SEO.  Your Facebook page and Twitter account often get marketed on different channels via different means.  Nobody really expected to get a high ranking for their social media pages, unless you or your business has a very unique name.

On the flip side, SEO practitioners know fully well that social media will not help their attempts at getting a higher ranking for their websites.  Most social media sites are no-follow, so even if they have really high page ranks, they do not really offer your site anything. Those that do offer some amount of link juice have been spammed and abused by fellow marketers that it is nearly not worth the effort to be on these sites anymore. read more

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September 13, 2011

How To Track Your Brand With Social Media

The use of the social media to promote products on the internet has gained a lot of popularity. There is need therefore to know how well the product is doing among others in the internet. There is normally a need to be able to know of the different sentiments that people are sharing  about the product. In the past, people would only read about the content of your product and then they would navigate elsewhere. But now things have changed and now after readers can take some good measureable actions to be able to track of the audience of those reading about the brand. This is made possible by the use of the right tools for the task. The different social medias present normally have different methods of keeping track of the products. The keeping track of the product will guide in the other decisions which needs to be implemented about the product. The management is also assisted in knowing which social media is getting  a bigger capture of the targeted clients.

On Digg, the only way of keeping track of their  products by hearing a lot of news about them.  The website would register tens of thousands who visited it but never again to have them return.  But this has changed  and now Diggs offers a widget that can keep track of all the most read stories about your  product on the site.

On Facebook, there is the benefit of using the like options which can be installed on ones stories in order to keep track of products. This has been the most used feature of facebook which has been used to track the products.  When we move the attention to twitter, there is normally no chance of indexing the old tweets. There is however a popular link that is used to offer a detailed statistics about the  number of click through of the links.

Google analytics can easily help to keep track of the domain  by enabling one to know which media sites are taking keen interest on their  products.  But sometimes there will be the possibilities of having to go through a lot of feed backs some of which could be irrelevant. In order to know the genuine followers of your products, one can make good use of the sentimental analysis. These are able to measure the emotion of each and every tweet, posting, comment or any feed back left behind about a product.

There are other ways of keeping track of how the product is doing on the social media by employing some company which have specialized on keeping track. An example is the scoutlabs which normally offers the service at a fee.


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August 25, 2011

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Adds New Social Media Terms

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Merriam Webster Collegiate EditionThe Collegiate version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary moved into the 21st century of technology this week when they added the words “tweet” and “social media.”

The dictionary company is a little late to the game as the The Oxford English Dictionary had already added “tweet” and “retweet” along with “sext” while the Collins English Dictionary had already added “Twitter” as a verb and noun way back in 2009.

Inclusion in the country’s best-selling dictionary was no small feat, this year the company added 150 words, but only a handful are tech-related such as “crowdsourcing” and “m-commerce.”

Tweet and Social Media take their spot next to other newcomers including “bromance” and “cougar” which refers to middle-aged women who are looking for younger men.

In 2009 Merriam-Webster added their last terms, some of which were also web based including “vlog” and “Pdf.” read more

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July 27, 2011

The Social Media High School Yearbook

Although the profession “Social Media Expert” too often sighted is on CVs already, the kids of today have grown up and are ready to graduate as “Social Media Experts”. Although many will argue that Bulletin Boards and platforms such as the Usenet were a form of social media already, it is rather simple to accept that they aren’t representative of Social Media in our day and age.
The students now in high school are the first generation to have grown up with social media omni-present and will soon graduate, and be employed by companies who have social media policies and guidelines. Policies which will restrict freedom to share online. Before being hired job candidates might already be screened and their social media profile might be profiled for your online activity over the last seven years.

Social Media doesn’t have to be as negative or fearful all the time though and the crew at Flowtown have created a great and funny infographic about the social media landscape in 2011. If you were in high school right now, would you be the Digg boy, or the band geek? Or the Jock? read more

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July 7, 2011

Business Owners Face Google+ Dilemma: Google+ Team to Shut Down Business Profiles Until Roll Out Later This Year [Updated]

Online business owners are to face a dilemma. In an announcement on Google+ team member Christian Oestlien announced that they will actively shut down business profiles.

Business profiles have been becoming more and more present on Google+, but were outlawed from Day 1 according to the ToS: read more

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May 29, 2011

Social Media Valuations Could Be Sign Of Another Tech Bubble Burst [Infographic]

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Bubble Burst InfographicFacebook currently rakes in $2 billion per year which has created a secondary market valuation of $75 billion for the social network or the equivalent of 37.5 years worth of revenue. Facebook however has an advantage over other social media company’s, they are everywhere from major websites to local stores where you can buy Facebook Credits.

So what about other social media companies?  For example, LinkedIn was recently valued at $9 billion, despite earnings of just $200 million per year and an advertising structure that looks less than desirable? Or Twitter who’s own advertising efforts have left the company with just $150 million in revenue per year, yet an evaluation of $7.7 billion at a time when many of their “sponsored Tweets” attempts have shown lower than expected/desired Click Through Rates (CTR’s).

We can also look at Groupon which is valued at nearly $25 billion with yearly earnings of $760 million to see that the valuation of company’s are out of proportion to their values.

Social media site G+, which is made up of sector professionals and academics has posted the following Infographic about social media valuations. They don’t draw conclusions via the Infographic but it’s a real eye opener when you place these online company’s against brick and mortar organizations who have released their own IPO’s.

Here’s the Infographic: read more

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