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September 6, 2012

HootSuite Acquires Seesmic, Company Will Now Connect To More Social Platforms

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HootSuite Buys Seesmic

HootSuite on Thursday announced the acquisition of Seesmic, a service that breaks social media threads up into manageable groups for easy social media management.

With the acquisition HootSuite will be able to help spruce up the Seesmic dashboard which has lacked the type of pizzazz found on HootSuite products.

The two companies combined will mean a bigger social reach for customers. While Seesmic has worked to allow for Tumblr posting, HootSuite recently gained Google+ page access. Combined the company now has access to two of the fastest growing social platforms in the world.

According toAll Twitter:

Seesmic chief executive Loic Le Meur had tolay off half of his staffback in March, and this buyout from HootSuite is partially a talent acquisition for the remaining roster. Users of Seesmic software will be slowly ported over to HootSuite, who say that this buyout will further reinforce HootSuites position in theupper left quadrant of theTwitter Partnergraph.”

In the meantime HootSuite is allows Seesmic business users to try out HootSuite Pro. With their trial of the platform business users receivesocial networking profiles, access to bulk scheduling capabilities, ability to collaborate with up to 10 team members, monitor social analytic reports, and more. read more

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