Twitter #Music – What Is It?

Twitter Music

Twitter Music

Twitter launched Twitter #Music about a fortnight ago, a new service and app to discover new artists and music through Twitter. The system uses a platform which was acquired last year by Twitter, oWeAreHunted, but has been refined and expanded through integration with Spotify and Rdio, two large music streaming services.

Currently, the system extracts songs from iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio, but other sources will be added in the future. By default, users can only listen to short snippet of songs – 30 seconds – directly from iTunes but for Rdio and Spotify, you will need to use your credentials to log in.  Based on the recent acquisition of “We Are Hunted” by  Twitter, the system will help us to discover new songs and artists based on custom criteria, including the artists followed by us or our followers. [Read more…]

Baidu Launches Social Music Experience With Major Label Support

Baidu Social Music

Baidu Social MusicWhen China search company Baidu began pointing users to copyright-infringing websites via their Baidu MP3 service they came under fire by major labels around the world and now the company is looking to rectify that PR nightmare by launching a new social music service which has received support from major record labels.

Known as Baidu Ting, the program has partnered with Warner Music, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. The new system offers music downloads and streaming capabilities, much like options we’ve seen from services such as Spotify, Pandora and Grooveshark.

Among the sites best features are music browsing and streaming, the ability to download free songs and social networking aspects that includes the ability to create and share personalized playlists and check out popularity charts based on what other users are listening to. [Read more…]

MTV Announces Music Meter, Social Media For Upcoming Musicians

MTV Music Meter

MTV Music Meter Logo

MTV isn’t just about reality TV shows and weird sitcoms after all, the company has announced a new service called Music Meter which scours social media websites in the search for upcoming bands and musicians.

According to MTV, the service scans for an increasing numbers of comments on social media sites to find artists who are growing in fans through the generation of extra content.

The service currently sits as a stand-alone website, however a Google Android app and apps for Apple iPad and Apple iPhone devices are all scheduled to arrive in January.

Using the system users can view music videos and listen to 30-second sample tracks, while MTV is working with Rhapsody to provide full music track purchase capabilities. Internet radio is also scheduled for a future site release.

In the meantime, the site will be lacking in ads for at least the next two months, allowing for users to get accustomed to the site design, after which point advertisers will be able to choose genre’s they would like to place ads next to, including coupons and other promotional materials. [Read more…]