Facebook Mapping Shows Networks Climb Towards Worldwide Dominance

Social World Map 2010

Facebook WorldFrom 2009 through 2010 Facebook has increased their size by leaps and bounds, not only in the United States and Canada, but in countries throughout the world.

Based on statistics taken from Alexa, Google Trends and other reputable data service centers, Vincenzo Cosenza posted the December 2010 map for Facebook dominance by country. As the legend on the map shows, Facebook, color coded in blue, has for the most part taken up a stronghold in more countries, although Orkut has managed to continue some of their dominance in some of the South America territory Facebook has begun to slowly control.

Also interesting, Facebook has knocked Orkut out of the top spot in India, while gaining slightly more control in Europe.

China’s QZone has also managed to work out a nice niche in the Chinese region, while Orkut does still control the Brazil market. [Read more…]

Free iPad Scam Targets Twitter, Facebook Users

Facebook Phishing Scams

Facebook Phishing ScamsTwitter and Facebook users may want to act especially wary of any “free iPad” offers that come their way, according to PC World a new scam has circulated that states:

“u have to check out this website its glitchin right now and sending out ipads to everyone for free!”.

The messages look legit, having been sent according to IntoMobile from “hacked Twitter or Facebook accounts” that may include people from your very own friends list.

Once the link is clicked users are taken to “better-gifts.net” which asks users to enter in their information to receive items from various companies. Once a user enters in their personal contact and other information, they have immediately given up their info for malicious uses.

Both of the social network sites involved are aware of the issue and have reset the passwords for accounts that may have been hacked. While both companies say the issue affects only a small number of accounts, it’s still worth paying close attention to if you receive this type of offer. [Read more…]

Social network contact management a pain, survey finds

A recent survey of European consumers has found that current social networks aren’t living up to expectations, either being too complicated to use or lacking features such as synchronisation.

3,000 consumers were questioned, with key findings:

  • 75% said that updating their contacts across social networks was frustrating
  • 82% wanted a solution to synchronise separate address books
  • 78% wanted a simple, easy-to-use solution
  • Most people wanted automatic updates from the friends on social networks, as well as being able to control over what updates they receive.

[Read more…]

UK Teenagers Sentenced to 3 Months for Death Threats on Facebook

Keeley Houghton, 18, has been sentenced to 3 months in a young offenders institution after pleading guilty to harassment. Keeley had bullied Emily Moore for 4 years already when she wrote the death threats on her own profile.

Keeley is going to murder the bitch. She is an actress. What a ******* liberty. Emily ****head Moore.

Keeley was also given a restraining order banning her from contacting Emily in any way, already had 2 previous convictions for bullying Emily Moore. In 2005 she assaulted the victim on the way home and was subsequently expelled from school. Two years later, in 2007, she was convicted after she kicked the door at Emily’s parents home in.

According to the Daily Mail Keeley is thought to be the first person in the UK sentenced for cyber-bullying.

Facebook Acquires FriendFeed

friendfeed.pngHuge news! Facebook nabs FriendFeed, which totally makes sense when you think about it. This from the FriendFeed announcement:

The FriendFeed team is extremely excited to become a part of the talented Facebook team. We’ve always been great admirers of Facebook, and our companies share a common vision. Now we have the opportunity to bring many of the innovations we’ve developed at FriendFeed to Facebook’s 250 million users around the world and to work alongside Facebook’s passionate engineers to create even more ways for you to easily share with your friends online.

They seem happy enough, and while no immediate changes are planned, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that we’ll see new features roll out on Facebook. Question is if FriendFeed will live on as a separate identity or not. My guess is no, but we’ll see.

More in the Facebook press release and on Techmeme. No financial terms have been released.

TalkPress: The Forum Revisited and Revitalized


Recently, Sam Bauer announced TalkPress, the of .

With the power of the WordPress Community behind it, could TalkPress ignite the fire under forums?

WordPress.com has been an incredible success with millions of bloggers registering millions of blogs and having their chance to blog free, or for a small fee for some services. Blog topics range from personal and private to politics and raising social consciousness. Some WordPress.com blogs have become popular and even famous, such as Robert Scoble and icanhascheezburger.

As a hosting company, WordPress.com hosts some of the largest websites and blogs in the world including icanhascheezburger, CNN news sites including Political Ticker, the Dow Jones’ All Things D, GretaWire, Time’s The Page, People Magazine’s Style Watch, and more. These companies provide the revenue to keep the free blog hosting services rocking and prove that WordPress has the strength and capabilities to support serious demands from users and servers. [Read more…]

Blogging to Change the World: Insights from BloggersUnite.org



As the G20 Summit convenes today in London, many bloggers across the world may be wondering what they can do to bring about change in the offline world through social media.

As a community outreach coordinator for BloggersUnite.org and a veteran of the Blog Action Day 2008 organizing team, I can personally attest to the colossal power that blogs and social media tools have to spread ideas and change human minds.

I asked BloggersUnite.org’s Richard Becker and Antony Berkman about their attempts to inspire social action by harnessing the power of the blogosphere. Here’s what they said.

How did Bloggers Unite start? Whose idea was it?

Antony Berkman, CEO, BloggersUnite.org: I noticed that Internet social networks from MySpace to Facebook were receiving a ton of media and Internet attention in 2007, but we had yet to see an online social community come together to raise funds for a good cause. So, I saw what would later become Bloggers Unite as an opportunity to empower and recognize bloggers who collectively focus their blogs for good rather than writing about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears all the time. [Read more…]

Movable Type Monday: Motion Launch and Password Protection Tutorial

Happy Monday, folks! The big news this week is the official launch of Motion, Six Apart’s social networking application built on top of Movable Type. Motion is included with MT Pro 4.25, so if you have a license for MT Pro you can grab the new version now.

With Motion, you can pull content from multiple social networks as well as create a community of bloggers on your own site. Motion is designed for a variety of uses, including private aggregation of content based on keywords, publishing a moderated version of that content, and setting up your own social network.

We told you about Motion back in December, and we’ll have a more in-depth look at the release version later this week. For now, check out the official announcement and let us know what you think in the comments. [Read more…]