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June 6, 2011

Evernote Surpasses 10 Million Users, Shows Off Some Stats

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EvernoteEvernote has become the pre-imminent note taking tool for many mobile phone and desktop and internet browser users. The program not only allows users to take notes, but also share those notes on Twitter and Facebook, allowing for instant collaboration from a myriad of devices and now we have learned that the company has passed the 10 million registered users mark.

That 10 million user milestone is a 67% increase over the company’s 6 million users in January of this year, while 424,736 users are said to be premium users at the low cost of just $5 per month.

In celebration of their numbers the company has also released information on the type of devices used by their customers. For example, 46% of Evernote users have two devices they use the software with, while 18% use three devices routinely with Evernote, 7% have four devices for Evernote use and a high 4% use the program on five or more devices. read more

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