Facebook now the most trafficked internet site in the world

According to BusinessWeek, Facebook is now the most trafficked internet site in the world having recently surpassed MySpace. Facebook has over 132m users at the time of this post.

BusinessWeek’s Catherine Holahan writes:

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to illustrate the impact of his social network, he tells a story about several young religious militants from Lebanon who changed their view of Western culture through Facebook friendships. The subtext to the tale is that free expression of ideas, enabled by the Web, bridges deep cultural divides. But we knew that: It’s one of the central concepts behind the Olympics, after all. What we didn’t know is that Facebook is in Lebanon.

Holahan credits some of Facebook’s success to the fact that instead of offering local language versions of the site, they opted for a technological solution and have instead provided translation tools into several languages. This has enabled Facebook to rollout in more countries than its competition – using highly accurate – and individually adjustable – translation tools.

Reddit Goes Open Source

Good decision, if you ask me.

All reddit code is licensed under the Common Public Attribution License, which is basically the Mozilla license with a handful of changes. Specifically, the CPAL stipulates that when running reddit’s code publicly, any changes to the code must be made available publicly and the site must make clear that it is running reddit code.

Check out code.reddit.com for more, the blog post from which the above quote was taken, and the Reddit alien’s explanation to why they are doing this:

Flock 1.2 is Available, Adds Stuff

The social web browser, Flock, is out in version 1.2. Among the news are:

  • Improved Digg stuff, including submission buttons
  • Pownce integration
  • AOL Mail integration

Add that to the Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook (and more) support, and you have an even more capable web browser for social network junkies. No FriendFeed yet though, as I’m sure a lot of people will note and grieve.

A new business model for Twitter?

Brian Alvey believes that he’s found an actual business model for Twitter:

The way I see it, the most the Twitter user base needs Twitter to be running smoothly is about fourteen hours a day. That leaves ten hours a day of those cute “please try again later” screens. As long as they can continue to add more people than they lose every day, I could see what I have in mind being a sustainable stream of income. Any large ad network — like Overture, Federated Media or AOL — would jump at the chance to get their pool of advertisers in front of this eternally patient, gullible audience.

Now there’s an original business model

Disqus and Seesmic Team Up To Offer Video Comments

The startup Seesmic provides a video comment service to blogs, through installation of a WordPress plugin. Any reader with a microphone enabled webcam can then leave comments in video form.

Seesmic has been working with Disqus, a blog commenting service (previously covered by the Blog Herald here and here) to provide video comments to Disqus-enabled blogs. Now, bloggers using Disqus can easily activate Seesmic video comments through just one setting.

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Minnebar: Enterprise Data Mashups Session

U of MN professor teaching the session – also works at IBM.

First mashup – Mapdanjo. In the words of one participant “most crap thrown up in one place”

Again, audio/visual problems in this session (same room as last session).

Some of the mashups allow for integration of behind the firewall information as well – he’s referring to Google though as “the google” which is entertaining… Google Maps can also be brought inside the firewall completely through some of their licensing options…

IBM has an internal Map Analytics ‘2008’ application with a whole ton of options – but unfortunately it appears to be internal only at the current time… The capabilities are pretty impressive though…

Solutions could look like: Trusted secure reusable information services + web 2.0 + data visualization. Everything from metadata and web 2.0 information merged with various business problems to create unique internal mashups…

Minnebar: Social Search in the Corporate Environment

Now in the 10am session on Social Search in the Corporate Environment here at Minnebar.

Presenter is Rich from Honeywell Labs – he built the first websites for Honeywell back before the graphical website days when most folks were browsing using Lynx and other text online web browsers.

Original blogging platform at Honeywell was Movable Type under their commercial license approach – we’ll find out in a bit if he’s still using that internally. Session will be focused on social media and search within a large corporation.

Honeywell using alot of open source based software within the firewall for social media and social work.

Appears that they are using Connectbeam for social media search inside the firewall – and also using a Google Search Appliance for internal search. Mmm, I’d love one of those at some of my clients.

Connectbeam integrates with Exchange Server, if that’s your poison, and integrates with internal Google search appliances as well as external Google searches as well. It’s not an issue integrating services like LinkedIn, Facebook, and others into the Connectbeam platform. Interesting..

Unfortunately, his projector is not working so we may go without any live examples…

<5 minutes later> PROJECTOR IS NOW BACK UP. Yay

Connectbeam appears to integrate directly into Google Search and other search engines – displays bar on the right with related internal content and tags…

10 licenses for $1k – rather cheaper than what I would have probably expected.. upcoming versions will have RSS feeds and an API…

Confluence is their wiki platform – $3k for a license… 16,000+ users are contributing to their wiki..

Wiki has a tag cloud already associated with it – plus can be tagged for use within ConnectBeam..also has a Sharepoint 07 tie-in.. very semantic web connections here… looks like the goal is to provide discovery within the enterprise..

Honeywell has tried for years to build a skills database to let folks connect with each other – the tagging within Connectbeam has really fulfilled that function.. Senior leaders (direct reports of CEO) are using the system to some extent – and want to foster more connectivity amongst individual contributors throughout the company…

Using some simple windows based feed readers inside the firewall – doing this to read competitive intelligence feeds and other RSS feeds within the corporation…

technical library showing information on various pre-built RSS feeds on key topics for research to keep team members and employees informed on their competition, etc.. using Compendex Plus for some of this (license fee involved)…

Honeywell running daily rss searches/google searches on the names of key engineers at their competitors

Rich’s blog is at eContent.