Curing the Pitfalls of Speed Blogging

Anyone can come up with a 350 word post on any topic in 15 minutes or less.  But then again, that 350 word post can be 340 words too long or 350 words too short.   Really, just like gifts, it’s the thought and skill that goes into the post that really matters.

Often, well written posts with substantial content will outperform posts that have been written hastily just in order to secure the claim of being the first to break a story.  There may be a premium for being the first to post, but long term rewards go to those who post articles that skillfully convey a story in a manner that will be useful to a lot of people.

There is a way to balance currency and immediacy with craftsmanship and quality content that will give an article enduring relevance and contribute to building up traffic for a blog long after the posting date.

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