Is the Death of Google Reader Bad for Blogs?

Google Reader

Google Reader

Throughout history, things come and go. What was once at the very top, ends up being replaced. When was the last time you made a call from a corded phone? How about listened to the radio? When did you read a newspaper last? The world is constantly evolving, and what’s the norm now may not be so five or 10 years from now.

On July 1, Google Reader saw its demise. Easily one of the most popular RSS readers on the planet, Google claimed declining usage was a factor in their decision to shut it down. Back in March when an announcement was made, bloggers and readers were extremely vocal. Most were very upset, and thought it was an incredibly stupid move on Google’s part.

However, the tech giant has a lot of products and services under its belt. For any business, you need to stay focused, and keep the money rolling in. Unfortunately, Reader simply wasn’t part of a focus anymore. With the shut down, many bloggers started to question what it meant for the industry. Was this the start of a major shift? Are blogs going by the wayside? [Read more…]

Blogs Not Running Ads: 46%

This is somewhat surprising. Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008 report states that a whopping 46% of the blogs are not running ads at all. As in no Adsense, affiliate programs, or anything. That number surprises me, I would’ve thought it to be lower, but then again it might still be a bit tricky to add advertisements to a lot of blog platforms.

I’m also comforted by the fact that 24% says that they don’t want to clutter their blog with ads, while another 24% just aren’t interested in making money with their blog. 21% are very realistic, they say they don’t have enough visitors to make it worthwhile. Refreshing. Another comforting number is the fact that only 6% of the blogs use paid postings to earn their ad dollars.

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