Time to hang up the pajamas– Daniel Lyons


567px-daniellyonsDaniel Lyons of Fake Steve Jobs-fame showed exhaustion from blogging after failing in his attempt to turn his blog into a business that could bring in the earnings that would satisfy him.

As experience taught him, even a monthly traffic of 1.5 million and 10 to 20 posts per day is not enough to turn in a living for him, earning only $1,039.81. Despite additional ads coming in, his blog apparently failed to push him into quitting his day job.

“While blogs can do many wonderful things, generating huge amounts of money isn’t one of them,” Lyons said.

His obsession failed to bring in the ‘pot of gold’ from his venture. For this, he concludes that it’s time to hang up the pajamas.

How about you, when is it time to hang up your pajamas?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia