Hootsuite Announces Reddit, Stumbleupon Support

HootSuite Adds New Support

HootSuite Adds New Support

Hootsuite users now have the option to follow their Reddit and StumbleUpon accounts directly from their HootSuite dashboard. The social monitoring company announced support for both social news feeds on Tuesday.

The company has also added support for the lesser knownScoop.it, CMP.LY and Nexalogy platforms.

Hootsuite has come a long way from its Twitter roots, the company now offers support for 35 applications which includes Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram among others. [Read more…]

Blog Herald Week In Review: Google+ Goes Public, StumbleUpon Announce Changes And More

social media

social mediaThis week has been one of big changes as Google+ rolled out to the general public, Facebook announced massive upgrades to their social networking system and StumbleUpon managed to anger users a month ahead of their proposed changes. Here’s 5 stories from the last week you should be sure to check out.


Google+ Ditches Private Invite-Only Status, Welcomes Everyone To Platform

Google+ managed to attract more than 30 million users to their new social network when it was in closed beta with private Google and user invites only and this week they announced that anyone can now join and enjoy the network. With Facebook fans angered over the networks newest changes to profiles Google+ could have a big month ahead of them in terms of user number growth.

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StumbleUpon Launches “Widget Creator” For Custom Content Sharing

StumbleUpon Widget

StumbleUpon Widget

StumbleUpon on Tuesday launched a new “Widget Creator” which allows bloggers to showcase their favorite content from the company’s website.

Deemed The Widget Creator the program allows website owners to place content in a special box on their own sites. Users can choose to showcase content from certain sites that they choose or they can opt to setup certain topics such as entertainment, technology, music, etc. Other content that users stumble can also be included in the process.

Webmasters can even choose to use the “Favorites” from their StumbleUpon account to create the content that will be displayed in the widget.

The program also allows the header title to be changed by users, for example the widget shown above uses “StumbleUpon on StumbleUpon (A Real, Live Widget!)” however it can easily be changed to anything the user chooses.

The program, much like the Facebook Like button and Twitter’s tweet button is simple to use, just fill out the required information and a line of code is generated that can then be placed within your websites template. [Read more…]

StumbleUpon Prepares “Pro User” Accounts For New Year

StumbleUpon Website Screenshot

StumbleUpon Website ScreenshotStumbleUpon has announced that they are preparing “StumbleUpon Pro,” (tentatively named) new user accounts which will launch at the start of 2011.

According to StumbleUpon, users will be able to create their own content, while suggesting other content from the web.

The StumbleUpon team say the new feature falls somewhere in-between a paid content provider account and a regular user account.

They explained to Mashable that:

A pro account would essentially work the same way a verified account on Twitter does, giving the publication/company/business a level of legitimacy and authority that will entice regular StumbleUpon denizens to follow it.

StumbeUpon employees are still unsure exactly how Pro accounts will be labeled on the website, but they do note that the content would be targeted to more effectively reach users who would be more likely to follow each company.

The good news? It may be free to use, with the ability to pay for better site placement, which makes for a more level playing field for more company’s. [Read more…]

StumbleUpon Goes The iPhone Route, Android Joins The Hunt

StumbleUpon iPhone App

StumbleUpon iPhone App - Small ScreenshotYesterday we reported that blog commenting system Disqus joined the iPhone and Android fray, now we’re happy to announce that another popular social sharing system among blogs, StumbleUpon, has also released an iPhone App, while Google Android users also have an app for that.

StumbleUpon allows users to submit interesting, fun and creative articles to the site, at which point those sites can be “Stumbled” by users as they are taken around the web by the companies automatic site stumbling application. The more stumbles a site gets, the more visitors they begin to receive.

According to the company, their 11 million members will see the “best for mobile stumbling” web posts, which includes photos, YouTube videos and news among other posts. The application has also been optimized for mobile screens and serves pages with optimized connection capabilities.

StumbleUpon users will also see their “favorites” section and “recommendations” just as they do on the web based application. [Read more…]