TechCrunch Gets Office, News Hit Techmeme (Sort Of)

Techcrunch LogoThis is just too hilarious not to mention. Michael Arrington posted about TechCrunch finally getting their own office because of complaints from neighbors. Apparently they didn’t like the traffic or something, read more about it on TechCrunch. That’s all well and good, Arrington can certainly post about something concerning his site, and it is even somewhat relevant.

Then Silicon Alley Insider does a news story on it. I was amazed to see that one, especially since more than half of it is a quote from the TechCrunch post.

And it hits Techmeme, granted, not in a big way, but still. Naturally, we’re adding to this with this post, but this is fun stuff, and interesting as well, when looked at as a phenomenon. Gotta love the blogosphere.

4 Alternatives to Blog Search

Last week I wrote a column asking whether or not blog search was dead. In the column, I lamented how blog search has waned in usefulness from the major providers and explained some the biggest problems with blog search today.

But with blog search being rendered almost irrelevant, staying on top of one’s topic of interest is becoming more and more difficult. There seems to be no one solution to this problem and, over the years, I’ve actually found many different ways to keep up to date.

Here are four of my favorites, complete with how they work and their advantages and disadvantages. As you’ll see, no system is perfect, but by using some or all of these systems together, you can keep on top of your field pretty easily. [Read more…]

Techmeme Accepts Tips Via Twitter, Suggest Button Released

Tech news aggregator Techmeme is now accepting tips via Twitter, which is pretty cool. They’re using the search API to scan their Twitter accounts for incoming tips, so if you find something interesting online, you can easily tweet it to the now partly humanly edited site. And naturally, that means that you’d want to encourage your readers to do so, which means that a suggest button has been released. It’ll probably prove essential if you think your stories are Techmeme worthy every now and then.

Naturally, there’s more on Techmeme about this story.

Techmeme Adds a Human Touch to Tech News


TechmemeTechmeme is adding a human touch to its news aggregator, by appointing Megan McCarthy as editor. She’ll rearrange and moderate the news on Techmeme, to keep them more up to date and avoid old and outdated one. She’ll also handle all the pissed off journos who thinks they are bypassed, something that might be a daily issue for her if you read between the lines in the VentureBeat post. I don’t know about that, but it’s not the most grateful position to have, when some cranky tech blogger feel passed over for the 20th time…

So what will change? This:

Humans have always edited Techmeme of course, just implicitly. For instance, when a blogger links to a story, the headline might move higher on Techmeme. What’s different now is that an additional human editor will carry out changes explicitly to directly improve the mix of headlines on Techmeme. Though the implicit edits conveyed via algorithm outnumber the explicit edits perhaps by 1000 to 1 or more, the impact of the human editor is nonetheless pronounced.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? [Read more…]