Google: Blogger To Embrace OpenID, Google Reader Recommends “Drag And Drop”

While Google is being hailed for embracing openness regarding its wireless bid (not to mention its phone software), it looks as if that philosophy has infected Blogger (aka blog*spot).

The Blogger team has recently begun experimenting with OpenID, allowing users from AOL, LiveJournal, and Typepad to post comments using their own ID’s, or any registered OpenID that they may have.
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Google Expands YouTube Video Ads To Canada, Ireland And The UK

After previously launching the YouTube ads within the US, Google has decided to allow users from other nations to test drive the ads upon their own web pages.

AdSense lovers from the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland will be able to embed these video units so long as they follow Google’s guidelines–as well as “speak” English.
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Google: Subscribe To Blogger Comments Via Email (New)

Today Google announced that readers of blogger (or blog*spot) blogs can now subscribe to comment discussions via email!

(Blogger Buzz) Last night we pushed a small-but-crazy-useful new feature for all Blogger blogs: subscribing to comments via email. This makes it a lot easier to stay in the conversational loop after you’ve commented on a post somewhere. […]

In order to receive follow-ups via email, you’ll need to post your comment using your Google Account. We only send comments to your verified Google Account so that someone else can’t use this feature to send you email you didn’t sign up for.

Previously in order to “keep up” with the conversation, users had to subscribe to a feed via RSS. Although this feature is great for finding updates regarding blog posts, news, etc., using it to keep up with the latest comments was probably less than ideal.

While this new feature will probably be welcomed by many blogger blogs users, Google should probably drop the “must have Google account” requirement, and instead embrace the openness of the web.

Good News For Splogs! Word Verification (aka CAPTCHA’s) May Become Useless In The Future

In an age where spammers choose to promote themselves by harassing others, many bloggers, social networks, etc. have resorted to using CAPTHA’s as an inexpensive way to keep fake machine comments/user names/purchases from flooding their world.

Unfortunately it seems that the days of funny letters (and numbers) may be coming to an end, as it seems that a company has created software capable of “reading” those funky image phrases.

But before we begin to explain how much of an impact this will make upon the blogosphere, we need to address the background story–starting with Hannah Montana.
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Google Launches YouTube Video Ad Units For Adsense

It looks as if once again Google is setting the trend among its rivals when it comes to advertising!

Google has introduced a unique way for blogs, news sites, and everything in between to earn extra money by simply entertaining their readers with videos from YouTube.

But the best feature about this is that unlike Adsense ads, users will be able to heavily influence the types of videos displayed on their site, allowing them to show quality (and relevant) videos instead of something random from half way round the world.
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Linden Lab Launches Second Life Grid Platform

Recognizing opportunities brought about by virtual worlds Linden Lab, creator of Second Life, has recently announced the launch of the Second Life Grid, which is the platform that runs the virtual world. Grid is then available for use as a virtual world platform for any organization to use. Second Life Grid is being marketed as a “resource for businesses, organizations and educators for creating a successful virtual presence.”

The Second Life Grid is a full-featured service platform of revolutionary technologies that support the globally renowned virtual world experience, Second Life. The Grid offers a comprehensive system of infrastructure, consumer features, tools, and services that allows any organization to provide its own unique immersive experience in the world’s largest interconnected virtual world.

The viability of Second Life as a virtual realm has been explored by organizations and companies through various ways, such as showing of documentaries, holding of conferences, virtual land/property, advertising platforms, a virtual economy that can extend into real life, and even for activism or radicalism.

Second Life will remain focused on residents, while Linden Lab has offered various programs for organizations that wish to explore opportunities in virtual worlds, such as through the The Community Gateway Program, Global Provider Program and other Second Life API-based programs.

Five bloggers group together to prosper in difficult technology niche

Five friends have joined forces to launch a collaborative technology blog, with the hope of earning extra income by blogging together.

The Hi-Tech Squad is written by five family men from the USA, UK, and mainland Europe, who have been lured by the hope of earning some extra income through their blogging.

Each member has their own areas of expertise. “By blogging together we ensure broad, quality content and also the burden isn’t just on one of us,” said Gary Sims, one of the group.

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Future: Google News To Catch “Comment Fever”

It looks as if harvesting the world’s news information was not enough for the search engine giant, as Google is preparing to revamp their Google News section by allowing comments to appear next to the stories online.

But before users celebrate the fact that Google News is finally adapting a feature that has been apart of Topix, you may want to read the “fine print.”
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Microsoft To Declare War On Google Analytics

It looks as if everyone’s favorite company (unless you are into open source, Linux and that whole “freeware” thing) has decided to take on Google in the realm of web analytics.

Code named Gatineau (which ironically is the name of a city in Canada), Microsoft hopes to be able to compete against the new version of Google Analytics.

But while Microsoft admits that its software is very similar to Google’s, they boast that their new analytics tool will be able to break down visitor stats by age as well as gender.
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