Exploring Social Media: Twisasters

twisaster - track disasters in Twitter

Exploring Social Media article series badgeWith the recent fears of a pandemic with the Mexico Swine Flu and an earthquake today in Mexico City, there is a lot to be nervous about. Add to it the continued spread of the conflickr/downadup virus online…with all the manmade and natural disasters and our obsessive interest in them, you would think that there would be an easy way to find out what there is to be worried about in the world.

Oh, wait. There is. Meet Twisaster. [Read more…]

Instablogs Global Report on Mumbai Terror Attack

The Mumbai terror attack has gotten a huge amount of press on social sites like Twitter, just check out this search featuring tweets tagged #mumbai. Citizen journalism blog network Instablogs have published Global Report story featuring citizen voices, which you might want to view if you’re interested in these kind of things.