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August 19, 2008

The Cloud + The Netbook = A Blogger’s Best Friend?

The Cloud is any blogger’s best friend. In a way, we’re already very attached to the cloud by the fact that we’re bloggers, which of course means that we’re working with online interfaces already. Webmail and online RSS readers are our tools, and we use online storage if needed. Some of us take it longer than others, but I think it is a fair guess to at least place the technical bloggers in the box of cloud users.

With that in mind, and the notion that bloggers are somewhat similar to the hip freelancing cloud, it is not such a long shot to consider the netbooks, with the Asus Eee PC as the one paving the way, as the ultimate blogging tool. It is as portable as it can get, pretty minimal, and very online focused. Most netbooks are made to be used on the go, with short boot up times, fairly long stand-by times, and with the web in focus. Using wifi hotspots at cafes, railway stations, or whatever, and 3G/similar mobile networks when wifi isn’t available, gives you a constant on and online life. read more

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July 21, 2008

Amazon S3 Outage, Bad for the Cloud

Amazon’s hosting service, S3, had a massive outage just recently, which in turn had an impact on a lot of web services. The service is usually used to store static stuff like avatar images and such, which means that Twitter was pretty ugly using apps like Twhirl during the outage. Everything is supposed to be back up now.
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