The Media Is Hiring Says The Media Is Dying Folks, Launches First Microblog Network


themediaishirinYou might remember the interview with the folks behind The Media is Dying Twitter account, tweeting away about layoffs and other nasty things that is hitting old an new media hard in today’s financial situation. Well, now they’re optimistic, and spins off their Twitter account with a new one, called The Media is Hirin’, which is a lot more positive than the previous one to say the least. I caught up with the anonymous gang for a quick Q&A about this new venture.

What’s the idea with the themediaishirin Twitter account?

TMIH is a resources that enables a person who has been laid off from the media industry to get back into it by creating a 140 character resume and post it up with their skills – we’ve had some amazingly creative entries.

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The Media is Dying: An Interview With the People Behind the Twitter Account

The Medi is Dying

The Medi is DyingThere’s no doubt that media is in a time of change. Magazines and newspapers are hard pressed to save money, journalists are let go, there’s restructoring, and so on. All of this isn’t because of the financial crisis, but it sure speeds things up. So where do we turn for information about these things? To the blogosphere, of course, because that’s where we can read about the people that were let go, without having to filter out everything the hidden agenda of the so called old media. They are partial, you know. Of course, so is a disgruntled journo just sacked from his newspaper, but at least we expect him to be pissed.

Enter a group of anonymous people that tweet about who’s fired, who’s in trouble, and who stays. The Media is Dying Twitter account is a phenomenom, an excellent source for anxious and curious journalists and media enthusiasts altogether. And there’s plenty of them, the account’s got over 9,000 followers. The mysterious media professionals were kind enough to participate in an interview. [Read more…]

Eaters of the Dead

I find a morbid pleasure in reading about sites and companies that are now defunct, crashed, out of business. At least I do some days, and I wonder why that is? I’m not the kind of person who gets jealous when someone else is successful, not even if they’re competing with me in any way. In my mind, all success is good, since it will push whatever niche, product, or idea it is further into perfection. [Read more…]