Reviewing the Reviewers: The Blog is Alive and Kicking

The New Yorker’s Malcolm Gladwell reviewed Chris Anderson’s most recent book, Free!, and it is an interesting read (with commentary across the web). Just like Anderson’s response on his own blog.

Welcome to the era of blogs, where reviews can be applauded, questioned, and picked apart not only by the masses (aka the readers), but also by the publishers and producers.

It used to be a straight forward thing, reviewing a product. Not anymore, because when anyone can publish a commentary on their own ground (aka the blog), it also means that reviewers suddenly find themselves being constantly reviewed. [Read more…]

Malcolm Gladwell Takes A Pop At Blogging

The New Yorker staff writer Malcolm Gladwell shares some tidbits about his upcoming essay for the magazine, which is all about the craft of news reporting. He should know, I guess, but it is always fun to pull stuff out of context. Like the Gawker piece nabbed from E&P Pub, which features this lovely little quote:

You can’t start blogging at 23 and call yourself a journalist.

Agreed! You’re a blogger, which you can call yourself right away then. Anyone can do it (which isn’t to say that anyone can do it well, but that’s often forgotten). [Read more…]