Phase 2 of The Blog Herald Design Upgrade

The phase 1 post is here. If you’re reading this in a feed reader, do visit and take a look at the design upgrade.

As you can tell, the site just got upgraded again. You might want to make sure you don’t see cached stuff right now, by reloading the page (Ctril+R or Ctrl+F5 in Windows, Cmd+R in OS X). If things look weird, you might need to close your web browser, or clear your cache any other way.

Right, so what’s new in this second phase of the Blog Herald design upgrade? [Read more…]

Phase 1 of The Blog Herald Design Upgrade

You might’ve noticed that things are looking a bit different here today. If not, then you’re probably reading in your RSS reader (please visit the site) or need to clear your web browser cache (Ctrl+F5 in Windows or Cmd+R in OS X usually does it).

So what’s new in this upgrade?

  • Three headline posts on the front page.
  • Popular series graphic pushed to the right of the headlines.
  • Wider content columns, perhaps not ideal for reading (fine-tuning will follow), but great for images.
  • Sidebar cleanup.
  • The hot topic tag listings have moved from top left, to the sidebar.

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