BlogHerald Looks Back On The Last Week In Social Media

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Keyboard ImageNeed to find a new apartment that matches your social lifestyle? Perhaps you want to cook an amazing new dish for family and friends? In this ‘week in review’ we look at two newly launched apps that can help you with both of those issues. We also report on Google’s new develop API’s for Google+, take a look at YouTube’s new video editing feature for on-site edits and break down how Video changing the way bloggers should view copyright in an important segment that’s a must read for active online videographers.

ApartmentList Brings Apartment Hunting To Facebook

ApartmentList is a new Facebook application that users a persons updates and the updates of their friends, along with other profile information to suggest which apartment complexes would be best for renting. Users not only receive algorithm based recommendations but can also share their potential apartment choices with friends who can help them make up their mind.

YouTube Rolls Out Video Editing Feature

While the new YouTube on-site video editing feature isn’t going to replace Final Cut Pro anytime soon it does allow users to trim the beginning and end of their YouTube clips and even add certain special effects without changing the videos URL, thus allowing users to keep their video’s comments and page view numbers. [Read more…]