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March 6, 2012

Tumblr: TOS Changes Won’t Affect Browser Extensions

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Tumblr Browser Extensions Are OK

In a blog post last week Jeremy Cutler, developer of the popular Tumblr add-on Missing e wrote that browser extensions for the popular blogging platform might be in danger because of the company’s TOS.

In his post titled “Your Freedom To Use Your Browser Is Under Attack” he stated that the new TOS could allow Tumblr to delete accounts when browser extensions are use.

However after more than 13,500 notes Tumblr has clarified that it does plan to crack down on browser extensions which include the likes of Xkit, Tumblr Savior and Missing e among others. Users appreciate extensions because of added features such as Mass Editors, Magnifiers and other add-ons to the Tumblr interface.  read more

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