Tweetdeck Gets A Facelift With Sleek Interface, Improved Management Tools

Tweetdeck Improved

Tweetdeck Improved

Tweetdeck on Tuesday rolled out a new version of its social media management application, allowing users to better navigate through tweets while more easily handling multiple accounts.

The new update is available for Mac OS X, Chrome and windows operating systems and brings with it the ability to show columns in one horizontal row. The new update also offers an updated menu icon for every tweet which provides instant access to various actions including creating a list, deleting a post or reporting a user for spam without leaving the apps main view window.

Tweetdeck’s app update comes at a time when Twitter is winning over more fans by adding better member access through an advanced search feature which allows for member, hashtag and mentions searching. Twitter this week also announced autocomplete, related suggestions and iPhone/Android app updates.

As shown in the video below users can move columns by hovering over the drag icon which is located to the right of the column, then dropping it wherever it belongs. [Read more…]

Twitter Says Facebook And Foursquare Will Remain On TweetDeck

Twitter Bird

Twitter BirdWith Twitter officially announcing their $40 million acquisition of TweetDeck today attention quickly turned to whether or not the world’s second largest social network would continue to support Facebook and Foursquare within the application and the answer is yes…at least for now.

Jodi Olson at Twitter told ReadWriteWebs Marshall Kirkpatrick:

“Short answer is, we’ll continue to invest in the TweetDeck that you know and love.”

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TweetDeck is Now Officially Under Twitter Control

TweetDeck Website

TweetDeck Website

Twitter on Monday filed official papers to acquire third-party desktop publishing firm TweetDeck for $40 million in cash and stock.

Rumors of the upcoming deal have circulated for weeks as Twitter continues on their path to reign in third-party developers before they can develop an increasing amount of influence over the microblogging site.

Twitter has also become wary of third-party developers over the last several months as their own ad strategy has begun to emerge and many third party desktop and mobile apps have allowed users to avoid those strategies.

The acquisition is not the first from Twitter, they purchased the iPhone App “Tweetie” and they partnered with photo service TwitPic when launching their new interface for their mobile app. [Read more…]

TweetDeck Being Sold To Twitter For $40 to $50 Million

Tweet Deck

Tweet DeckTweetDeck will soon be under the control of Twitter. Sources close to the deal explained to TechCrunch on Monday that the social network has agreed to pay somewhere in the vicinity of $40 million to $50 million for the software company, money that will be paid out in cash and Twitter stock.

In February Bill Gross and his UberMedia company offered to buy TweetDeck for upwards of $30 million, however Twitter quickly made a counter offer and then spent the next several months working out the deal.

The move makes sense for Twitter who on the one hand have slowly begun to stifle 3rd party developer requests in an attempt to reign in their production and on the other hand it ensures they retain their control over a major Twitter program.

UberMedia already runs UberTwitter, EchoFon and various other Twitter startups which could help provide them with leverage over Twitter should they continue to purchase and retain the rights to major Twitter 3rd party applications used by millions of the networks customers.

Twitter officials are not commenting on the rumor, Tweeting: [Read more…]

TweetDeck Releases Web App For Various Browsers

Tweetdeck banner

Tweetdeck banner

In December TweetDeck released their Web Application to the Chrome Web Store, providing an alternative to the company’s AIR application for desktop users. Today following the success of that web app the company has announced a beta release for all major browsers including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

According to a blog post from TweetDeck, the new Web App, which requires no downloads, is already working on Chrome, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4 and Safari with compatible versions arriving soon for IE9 and Opera.

The program, which includes HTML5 support offers the type of functions TweetDeck users have come to expect, including drag-and-drop columns, a Foursquare column for viewing friends check-ins, a replies section and an integrated inbox.

The web app does not yet support streaming which means users looking for the quickest uses possible will still want to look into the AIR desktop app, however the company has continued to work on more features for the ‘no download necessary’ system. [Read more…]

Study Shows: 42% Of Tweets Come From Third Party Twitter Apps

Twitter Client Usage Chart

Twitter Client Usage Chart

Twitter users only send 58% of their overall Tweets using the company’s own proprietary Twitter applications and website according to a recent survey. The study comes just one week after platform chief Ryan Sarver’s said that 90% of all Twitter users are sending Tweets from official Twitter applications.

Sarver’s assertion may in fact be true, as much of Twitter’s activity is performed by a handful of heavy users, meaning 42% of all Tweets could in fact be coming from a much smaller group than the 90% of users who actively use Twitter apps.

Sysomos, the company behind the study found that of the 25 million tweets they sampled since the March 11 Twitter API was released, 42% came from non-official apps.

The company also broke down the percentage of major third-party apps with TweetDeck accounting for 5.5% of all sampled tweets with the following apps accounting for 13.1% of overall tweets: UberSocial, Echfone and UberMedia (the chart below shows use among third party apps, not among all Tweets across the network). [Read more…]

The Benefits of Using a Social Media Dashboard

Most entrepreneurs today are aware that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others can play an essential role in marketing their businesses. It’s also become clear to many of us that using social media as a marketing tool is a time consuming process that requires much thought and planning to use it successfully. So how can you make the most of social media marketing without spending so much time at it? One efficient way is to use a social media dashboard.

What is a Social Media Dashboard?

A social media dashboard isn’t another social network for you to deal with. Rather, it’s an organizational tool to help you manage all those other networks. Instead of having to go to each site to post your messages or to see what customers and competition are saying, it’s all brought together in one place. It lets you sort through all the media clutter, pinpoints exactly what you are looking for, and delivers it to you. It’s an efficient way to accomplish brand management. [Read more…]

TweetDeck For Google Android Arrives Today In Beta Form


Tweetdeck for Google AndroidStarting Thursday, Google Android users can download the beta version of the platforms TweetDeck application, the most popular 3rd-party Twitter app currently available.

The program will no doubt have issues as it’s not fully polished and TweetDeck is still relying on feedback from users. However what it does offer is integration with Facebook, Twitter, Buzz and Foursquare in one single program.

Users can also view their own Twitter @replies with the “Me” column, while also viewing comments and likes from Facebook. You’ll also notice updated color-codes with a single blended column. [Read more…]

TweetDeck Officially Loved By Millions

Tweetdeck Update Screen

Tweetdeck Update ScreenTweetDeck is a popular desktop application that makes for an enjoyable experience when sending and receiving Tweets, among other Twitter options, now the company behind the program has announced that their app has been downloaded over 15 million times.

The desktop apps astronomical rise is all the more impressive when you realize that their download rate is five times higher than their closest competitors. [Read more…]

TweetDeck Gives Google Buzz And Foursquare Love With Newest Update


TweetDeck is one of the most popular cross-platform social apps available and now the platform has become even more appealing and far-reaching, adding support for Google Buzz and Foursquare.

The newest version (v 0.34) also brings the ability to use any Twitter-compatible APIs, with further access to Tumblr, WordPress and StatusNet. Users can also use filters that include global filters and scheduled posts.

The announcement comes just hours before the company is expected to announce a new round of Series B funding.

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