UK: Twitter Overtakes MySpace, And Why It Is Not Important

Hitwise claims that Twitter has overtaken MySpace in the UK. That’s probably true, but the stats are completely uninteresting. While there obviously are a lot of people using the web interface, the numbers won’t show how many are actually using the service from an application of any kind. You know, like TweetDeck, Tweetie or Twhirl. Third party services are huge with Twitter, it’s as simple as that.

So yeah, Twitter overtook MySpace in the UK. Thing is, it probably happened a lot earlier than the graph suggests.

Twitterrific vs. Tweetie: Twitter on the iPhone


Twitter was, quite literally, made for mobile phones. Its character limit was created in part to make the posting of tweets via text message possible and even very basic mobile phones can manage Twitter accounts and post tweets relatively well.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, when you use a smartphone, such as an iPhone, that your mobile device becomes a real Twitter powerhouse, one capable of rivaling many desktop clients in terms of usability and features.

On the iPhone, two apps have emerged at the top of the pile, Twitterrific and Tweetie (though Twitterfon remains a highly-regarded free alternative). Both apps have their supporters and their detractors but both of them have turned into very powerful Twitter applications.

For the most part, the two applications mirror each other feature-to-feature, so, in order to compare them, we have to look a bit deeper at what distinguishes them. In the end, it is tough to say which app is the “best”, even though there are many people who one app will clearly fit their needs better. [Read more…]