Twitter Ad Client Tweetup Purchases Popurls and Twidroid


TweetUpTweetUp today announced the acquisition of popular Android app Twidroid and RSS news aggregator Popurls.

For those unfamiliar with Popurls, the service hand picks top technology RSS feeds from services that include Digg, Reddit and various popular tech blogs. The service has developed a “cult like” following in the technological sector.

By pairing Twidroid and Popurls Tweeup hopes to find a solution which will provide  an outlet to capture the thoughts of the “world’s best tweeters.” [Read more…]

Liverpool to host TweetUp North in November

twitter-logo.jpgAnyone in the north-wast of England wanting to meet with others to network and share best practices for using Twitter could do worse than attend TweetUp North in Liverpool in November.

The event will be held in the BT Convention Centre, whose general manager Jacquie Rogers said that they were “really excited to be hosting the first TweetUp North and see how social media can benefit the events sector.”

“Social networking can be perceived as taking away face to face interaction, but we are beginning to see new communities being created as TweetUps are organised across the country – where people who Tweet meet!” she added.

Exact details of the event will be announced on the BT Convention Centre Twitter page.