Twitter Self-Serve Advertising Platform Now Open To Everyone

Twitter Self Serve Advertising

Twitter Self Serve AdvertisingTwitter on Tuesday announced that it is opening its self-serve advertising platform to all users in the United States.

The Twitter self-serve platform allows account administrators to run their own campaigns by promoting accounts or individuals Tweets to specific groups within the social network. Advertisers can also track the results of their campaigns via Twitter analytics.

The self-serve platform provides pay for engagement activities which includes favorites, replies, and retweets.

Twitter started the advertising platform as an invite-only option. Twitter used feedback to adjust the platform before taking it live.  [Read more…]

Twitter Giving $1 Million In Free Advertising To Small Businesses On November 24

Twitter for Small Business

Twitter for Small Business

Twitter will give away $1 million in free ad credits to 10,000 small businesses on Saturday November 24.

The $100 in free credits per business will be offered to the first 10,000 businesses who apply and meet eligibility requirements for the program.

The money from the program can be used to purchase ad credits towardsPromoted Trends and Promoted Accounts on Twitter.

To qualify for the free $100 in advertising the business must be US based, be active on Twitter and be new to Twitter advertising. [Read more…]

Twitter Now Sending Promoted Tweets Into Timeline Streams

Promoted Tweets

Twitter BirdTwitter on Thursday began a new promoted tweets program that sends advertiser tweets into a users timeline. In the past promoted tweets only showed up in Twitter search results, a fact that kept those tweets out of sight for many users.

The new program places promoted tweets “at or near the top” of a users timeline according to Twitter reps, however to avoid constant tweet spam users will only receive the extra sponsored tweet in their timeline if they are already following the brand that is sponsoring the advertisement. For example if you follow JetBlue and they sponsor a tweet you will see it near the top of your timeline.

Users who wish to remove the sponsored tweet from their profile can do so on a one-by-one basis, allowing them to engage with the product, even if just to remove it from their feed.

Here’s a quick look at how the program will output on your timeline: [Read more…]

Twitter Actually Worth $7.7 Billion? Probably Not

Twitter Cash

Twitter CashLet me be frank for one second, auctioning off your company’s private stock is nothing more than a ploy to raise the company’s valuation far beyond what it is actually worth. When stock is auctioned company’s wanting to acquire shares will over value their purchase, leading to higher stock prices and inevitably an inflated valuation. This week Twitter did just that, auctioning off enough company stock that the websites valuation how now skyrocketed to $7.7 billion.

So why would Twitter do such a thing? For one they have been the target of possibly acquisitions by Facebook and Google who have both showed an interesting in the micro-social program and will now have to pay with many more buckets of cash if they are to succeed in their takeover attempts. On a secondary level, Twitter now has more cash to acquire other social media company’s, allowing them to procure talent buys and drive new functionality to the website, an important consideration when you look at the acquisitions made by Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other larger tech firms over the last 12 months.

The new total is nearly double what the company was worth in January and at last check I haven’t seen them grow at a 100% visitor base or for that matter role out any groundbreaking technologies that will revolutionize the way people interact or advertise using the program. [Read more…]

Twitter Now Third Largest Social Network, Announces Promoted Accounts

Twitter Logo

Twitter LogoOn Tuesday Twitter COO Dick Costola, speaking at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mixx Conference in New York City, announced that Twitter has surpassed MySpace in terms of unique users, while also announceing Twitter’s new “promoted accounts” feature.

Using Promoted Accounts companies can suggest that users automatically follow brands with similar interests to their own.

The program works by giving advertisers the ability to add their paid accounts to users “Who To Follow” suggestion list. Just like the companies “Promoted Tweets” feature, the suggestions would be based on a users Twitter activity and their preference settings.

The “Promoted Accounts” option also marks the end of Twitter Earlybird offers, which never really took off as planned. [Read more…]