Twitter Infographic: Zero To 200 Million Users In Five Years

Twitter Birds

Twitter BirdsOn March 21, 2006 a tiny little micro-blogging service was born out of 140 characters when founder Jack Dorsey tweeted “inviting coworkers” becoming the first “human” to send a message, four months later the service was launched to the public and since that time more than 200 million Twitterers have joined the site.

With 200 million users of course comes a bunch of insanely large milestones, for example the infographic below showcases the fact that 350 billion tweets are posted to the site daily. If it’s still true that 3% of all Twitter mentions come from Justin Bieber that would mean the singer heartthrob is receiving approximately 10 billion 500 million mentions every single day, even if that number has decreased to 1 or 2% it would still be an incredible number of mentions for one teenager.

Pay close attention to the meteoric rise in site numbers which reached two million in January 2009, 65 million by July 2010 and then 200 million today, nearly a 150% increase in a one year time period.

Here’s the Infographic: [Read more…]