Twitter Debuts Mothers Day Campaign

Twitter Logos

Twitter Logos

Twitter on Thursday debuted a cute mothers day video campaign. The featurette shows members of Twitter’s staff talking about how their moms use Twitter, while a blog post has been setup to fight your moms objections for not using the service, such as “I don’t have anything to say.”

Twitter also hints at why your parents joining Twitter is less embarrassing than Facebook, for example, they probably won’t know how to use TwitPic and therefore you don’t have to worry about embarrassing photos from your childhood being posted. Heck, even if your mom does learn how to use TwitPic, your friends probably won’t be following her.

The company also urges users to show their mom how they can follow their favorite stars on Twitter, such as Martha Stewart who often provides tips and advice plus links to her best content. With personalized streams of information your mom might just find a useful reason to actively engage with her Twitter account.

Here’s the Twitter “propaganda” video: [Read more…]

Kraft Foods Playing Elaborate Game Of “Jinx” With Twitter Followers

Mac And Cheese T-Shirt - Funny

Mac And Cheese T-Shirt - FunnyDo you love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese? If you do you could be the proud owner of five free boxes of the cheesy goodness, along with a free Kraft t-shirt. The promotion is part of a new Twitter contest the company is running that puts Twitter followers in direct contest with one another.

The program, which has been slowly rolled out over the last several weeks looks for two people at a time who have individually used the phrase “mac & cheese” in a tweet. The first person to click on the “Mac & Jinx” link they receive and give Kraft their address will receive five free boxes of the cheesy food goodness and a T-Shirt.

The new contest comes from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the same company responsible for Burger King’s advertising for more than 10 years as well as Microsoft’s successful “Laptop Hunters” campaign. [Read more…]

First Conan O’Brien Guest Might Be Voted Onto The Show By Twitter Fans

Conan O'Brien Blimp

Conan O'Brien BlimpConan O’Brien will return to TBS on November 8 and now a social campaign is under way which let’s fans vote for who they believe should be the hosts first guest on his new show.

Okay so you can’t choose just any guest, there are twelve choices, such as Lady GaGa and Tom from Myspace and some of those choices are probably not going to happen, such as Pope Benedict. Visitors to the voting site choose their favorite, then push their vote out to Twitter with the #ConansFirstGuest hashtag.

Users will also notice a leaderboard, which shows the guest most likely to appear on the show.

Team CoCo however do warn fans on their site that the “winner” may not show up, since they have no guaranteed way to make the winner appear.

“None of these people have actually been booked on our show … We’re kind of hoping that, if someone on this poll starts getting a lot of votes, these folks will actually feel a bit guilty and will agree to be our first guest.” [Read more…]