Rapportive Brings Reply, Retweet and Follow Twitter Features To GMail

Rapportive Gmail Twitter Integration

Rapportive Gmail Twitter IntegrationWhen Google released their people widget it was believed to be a Rapportive “killer” but the company wasn’t having any of that talk and this week they decided to step up their game by adding Twitter integration to their social utility.

The company’s newly stepped up Twitter widget now allows users to follow their email contacts, send them Twitter replies and even retweet their contacts tweets right from inside their Gmail email messages, the program even allows users to see if their contacts are following them on Twitter.

Rapportive then goes one step further, integrating with the Twitter notification emails you get when you receive follows, mentions and direct messages.

In it’s most basic terms the program turns your Gmail account into a Twitter portal while maintaining the exact same Gmail functionality we have all come to expect from Google.

If you already have Rapportive you will receive the rollout in your inbox in the near future or you can head over to rapportive.com/twitter and download the program now. [Read more…]

Will Point of Sale/Social Network Integration make us say goodbye to “Social Media Experts”

image from http://www.posmarket.com.au

The diamond water paradox ought to be revised.  These days a couple hundred shares of stock in Google or perhaps Facebook next year, can be worth more than a good sized diamond and may in certain ways be as essential as the water we need to continue living.

Of course, we haven’t reached the point where you’d actually have to log-in to your Twitter or Facebook account to buy a bottle of water at a convenience store.

image from http://www.posmarket.com.au

Then again, there may actually be companies that are planning to integrate or have actually integrated Point of Sale systems (a.k.a cash registers) with either social networking websites.  The idea behind this is that when you purchase something from these companies, your purchase shows up as an update on your social network and that will perhaps, for a time, have an impact on the “conversations” you think you may be having with the world.  It’s kind of like Foursquare in a way but more directly tied up with actual purchases.

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