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October 7, 2008

Uber Gets a Second Chance?

Uber was due to shut down on September 29, 2008, but is still up, and the shutdown notice is nowhere to be found, nor is an explanation. The Blog Herald reader Jean Tarbox has heard that ShareNow is saving Uber this time around, funding them for a month so that they can sort out the financial situation. I’ve contacted Uber for a comment but haven’t heard from them yet. More as it develops.

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September 29, 2008 Closes Shop

Uber shuts down, as of Monday September 29, 2008, which happens to be today. The reason stated?

the crisis in the economy has claimed Uber as its latest victim. Our investors have decided to stop supporting Uber and we have closed the doors. We would like to thank them as well, it’s no fault of theirs that this happened. On the contrrary, without their unflinching support we would never have made it this far, and they have stood by us and tried despere

Too bad for the folks over at Uber, and anyone who loved the site, but personally I’ll have to agree with Caroline McCarthy:

With a focus on editorial content centered on highbrow art and media, including a Huffington Post-like “Uber Index,” and the slogan “it’s easy to create better,” it was tough to define Uber. Was it a blog platform? A social network? A discussion hub? The financial crisis didn’t help, but the truth is that Uber had never really taken off in the first place.

Indeed. Too bad anyway, and should you be among the Uber fanbase, you can send the folks behind the scenes your e-mail address so that they can tell you when they’re up to something new. I did, because despite it all, I find myself somewhat intrigued by Uber, even if I obviously doesn’t “get” it.

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