WatchMouse Enhances Social Media Transparency

Social.DownorNot.comTransparency in reporting of major social network performance recently received a shot in the arm courtesy of WatchMouse. Using their Public Status Pages, WatchMouse now tracks 20 giant social networks’ uptime and other performance metrics at

Specifically, users can view the performance speed and uptime of home pages, login pages, and APIs from Classmates,, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Friendster, Gowalla, Hi5, Hyves, LinkedIn, MySpace, Netlog, Orkut, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Xanga, Xing, Yelp, and YouTube. If upon automatic checking any site returns errors or takes longer than 8 seconds to respond, it’s marked as error and unavailable. The uptime percentage has its basis in the number of errors reported by such checks. [Read more…]

Monitor Your Blog with Pingdom for Free

Pingdom is a widely used service that monitors uptime and notifies you whenever a site goes down, as well as gives you the data you need to whine at your webhost’s 99.99% uptime guarantees whenever they fail to meet their promise. Up until now, it has been a paid service, but now you can get an account for free.

Pingdom Free has all the features of our paid account types. The only limitation is that you can only monitor one website or server, but that should be enough for a lot of bloggers and hobbyist webmasters out there.

You also get 20 SMS alerts for free as well, which is nice. Naturally, you can upgrade your account to monitor more sites and get more SMS alerts (email is free) and so on whenever you like. Which of course is the whole idea.

Give it a go, free is the best price ever and I can, as a user, honestly say that Pingdom is great. Particularly when you don’t hear from them…!

Pingdom Says Feedburner’s Got 99.94% Availability

FeedBurner LogoFeedburner, the RSS feed service that Google now owns, is both loved and hated in the blogosphere. Some swear by it, others at it, but more importantly, a great many of us use it to get proper stats and whatnot. Every now and then there’s buzz around feeds being unavailable, but I must say that an uptime of 99.94% doesn’t sound too shabby. Sure, could be better, but still.

Check out the Pingdom report on the matter, along with details on how the tests were performed, along with this conclusion:

We have to say that Feedburner definitely gets a passing grade, although both uptime and performance has room for improvement. Google says it’s still working on improving Feedburner behind the scenes, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months.

Do you use Feedburner? Why or why not?