Recognized disability spokesperson joins Disaboom

Disaboom, Inc., the first interactive online community for Americans living with disabilities, announced that Marianna Muffy Davis has joined the Company as Director of Market Development.

Davis will identify and develop sponsorships, partnerships and alliances designed to drive awareness of within the disability community, and grow its user base. She will also serve as a key spokesperson for the company with certain constituencies and organizations.

She joins Disaboom from the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics Rehabilitation Services, where she served as a Development Officer. Prior to that, she was a public spokesperson for a Johnson & Johnson company where she was featured at various public events, in both television and print media, and through numerous conferences and expos. She was a member of the United States Disabled Ski Team from 1997 to 2002, during which she won numerous medals at the Paralympics and World Cup. Ms. Davis holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University.

“I am extremely passionate about the disability community and that community having a voice and being empowered to live full and rewarding lives. I am very excited to join a company dedicated to doing just that and look forward to being an integral part of Disaboom,” Davis said.

Disaboom is set to launch this August.

A Remix Culture


I’m a fan of remixes and mashups. A couple years back mashups exploded onto the scene. One of the most downloaded albums of all time is Danger Mouse’s Grey Album – a creative mashup of JayZ’s black album and the Beatles’ White Album. The Grey Album was plagued by copyright issues and couldn’t be officially released but that only fueled demand and massive downloads via p2p networks.

They often say where audio goes video follows. Bands were crafting their own master pieces via their desktop computers long before it was possible to edit video on consumer gear. But with the current explosion in user generated content, large numbers of people are spitting out content for mass audiences consumption. It seems likely that the next evolution in user-gen might just be found within in a remix / mashup environment.

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Dabble indexes 10 million videos, a no joke feat, a hub for finding, sharing and organizing rich media from anywhere on the web, announced that it has indexed more than 10 million videos since coming out of private beta eight months ago.

Dabble’s index of over 10 million videos (now growing at 2.5 million new videos a month) means users only have to visit one destination to search for video and other rich media. Dabble doesn’t directly host any media; the search engine keeps track of the bookmarks, or links, to wherever the media is stored on the web along with all the rest of the essential details about the media. Dabble users add to this details and notes, correct mistakes and share what’s valuable to them about the media. This “team effort” enhances the details surrounding the Web’s video inventory and lets Dabble know why a video is valuable, enabling the Dabble engine to return exceptionally accurate search results. [Read more…]

Yahoo China launches blog and networking service

Yahoo China announced the launch of Yahoo Space, its blog and networking service. Tools included in the service are blogging, photo-sharing, and networking.

Yahoo China is operated by Chinese e-commerce giant, which is partially owned by Yahoo Inc.

“Search is a tool for the user to get the information he wants, but it is not the final destination,” said Yahoo China president Zeng Ming said. “Yahoo’s next step will be to allow users to share their hobbies with each other so that they can expand their knowledge.”

We can only hope that censorship does not spoil this.

Do not go abroad without, provider of the most comprehensive international education and alternative travel directories on the Internet, announced the launch of GoAbroadNetwork, an online travel community where members can share travel journals and photos with families, friends, and a growing network of travelers.
Most of the content in GoAbroad Network is user-generated. It was designed to give users more than the usual fare of blogs, travel tips, and the opportunity to meet travelers. Universities, study abroad offices, travel agents, tour operators or just about any group of travel enthusiasts can become Online Advisors and create special groups where they can post alerts, updates, and photos as well as send email broadcasts to their traveling members. In addition, the group members will be able to access program information and updates, itineraries, application forms and brochures. The idea is to make communication easier and more efficient between an organization and their program participants around the world.

“The GoAbroad Network will allow like-minded travelers to connect and encourage them to share their experiences with more people around the world,” said Troy Peden, one of the founders of

Health-based online community launched announced today the launch of its user-generated health-based online community. It has the ingredients found in most online communities, and more: bulletin boards, chat, Wiki, friends, blogs, Sudoku, photos and other ways for members to express their questions, share their experiences and learn about good health. It also includes vast amounts of information and expert analysis specifically targeted toward a natural health-minded audience.

“Our goal, at, is to present the most balanced of perspectives and to supply our members with the latest alternative medicine findings and how they relate to or effect traditional methods of medicine,” said Adam Guild, president and founder of “This unique community empowers its members, is open to MDs as well as master herbalists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and physiatrists (physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation), allowing everyone to be better equipped to make informed decisions about their health and the health of their families. There are numerous diseases where there is a benefit to a combined approach of traditional and alternative medicine.”

Let’s all go outdoors with

Just in time for summer, an online community for outdoor enthusiasts has been launched. was set up because its founders figured there had to be a lot of people that enjoyed the outdoors who wanted to post pictures, blog and write stories and upload videos about their adventures.

In addition to blogs, pictures and essays, there is also a forum to discuss important topics such as where the ducks are this year or what hurricane will enhance the surfing experience. You can even add your friends to your buddy list and know when they are online and chat live with them through the site.

Everyone that works and plays outside is welcome. This includes hunting, fishing, camping, cycling, hiking, ATVing, mountain biking, surfing, rafting, scuba diving, rock climbing, sailing, mountaineering, skiing, snow boarding, cliff diving, and anything else you love to do outdoors.

Now, drop that computer, go out, then join

Pagans get its own social network

Pagans now have a social network of their own. is the social network for pagan and neo-pagan communities developed to provide an environment to gather and share of wisdom among it’s growing membership base.

Its membership base is primarily Wiccan practitioners who are either initiates, solitary, High Priestess, High Priest and the curious seeker.

The social network is built by its members participation like posting content such as in a blog or forum or writing an article. Member may elevated to significant roles within the community. Members are rewarded for actions by earning points represented as “Blessings”, which are commensurate with their activities such as inviting a guest, having a guest become a member, posting content to the community and so on.

UK broadcaster creates moblogging site to capture Britain’s art

UK TV broadcaster Channel 4 has announced that it is to set up a moblogging (mobile blogging) web site and open it up to the British public to help capture the vast array of public art around the country.

The “Big Art Mob” aims to grow into a comprehensive nationwide map of public art. Anyone with a mobile phone can take part, by taking photos, text, video and audio to the web site.

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Everyone And Their Brother Going Social

A snowball has been growing over the past month. Big players are creating Digg-style social apps left, right and center. I’ve been waiting for the snowball to slow down so I could write a piece on all them, but it just keeps growing and gaining momentum. So I decided to just go for it. I wonder how many new ones will pop up before I finish writing…this…sentence.

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