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September 25, 2009

Twitter on brink of $100m more funding

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twitter-logo.jpgThough no official word has come from the microblogging company, Twitter could well be about to secure $100m in more investment, taking its value to an estimated $1bn.

This investment is believed to be coming from six or more investors, including several who have previously injected cash into the company. read more

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September 16, 2008

iFundVC blog launches: behind the scenes with iPhone-friendly venture capitalists

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Six months ago, a group of venture capitalist companies set up the iFund to promote and fund application development for Apple’s iPhone.

Now, they’ve set up the iFundVC blog, which will be used to keep the public updated on where the $100m is being invested.

There’s only one blog entry at present, and it will be interesting to see how much the site is developed. Particularly as some elements of the funding process are sure to be confidential, I wonder how much is left to talk about.

The design of the blog is certainly basic, but if pushes out interesting information then I don’t really care.

(Via TUAW)

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August 13, 2008

Weblogs, Inc. co-founder Brian Alvey’s new startup Crowd Fusion receives Funding

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Brian Alvey, the co-founder of blog network Weblogs, Inc. (along with Jason Calacanis), announced earlier this week that his new startup, CrowdFusion, has received funding from venture capital firm Velocity Interactive Group.

Brian writes:

Here are some more details on the funding:

* Our valuation was “somewhere south of Facebook’s”.
* Because Crowd Fusion didn’t exist when Jon Miller left AOL, Time Warner’s non-compete couldn’t block him from joining our board.

But seriously, there is some confusion as to whether Crowd Fusion is a publishing company or a platform company. I’ll have to do another post to clear that up better, but for now just know that we’re a publishing company with our own platform and both are named Crowd Fusion. Did that help?

Crowd Fusion markets itself currently as a “Web Publishing System built to solve the pain points of publishers at scale”. The startup also includes Judith Meskill, another Weblogs, Inc. veteran, as Chief Operating Officer, along side Brian Alvey as CEO.

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