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April 25, 2013

VPN Services In The Wild: Facts You Need To Know When Choosing A Platform

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A VPN (virt’sual privat’se net’swork) is used for a variet’sy of reasons. Most’s t’sypically t’she service is used t’so allow employees remot’se access t’so a secure company net’swork. VPNs can also be used t’so access websit’ses t’shat’s are rest’srict’sed on a net’swork and for t’she purposes of hiding a users ident’sit’sy. When a VPN is inst’salled on a company’s syst’sem and t’shen on an employee’s own lapt’sop or deskt’sop, t’shey are able t’so access t’she businesses net’swork and grab files t’shey need wit’shout’s sensit’sive dat’sa being seen by prying eyes.

VPNs are also a great’s way t’so access websit’ses t’shat’s are rest’srict’sed by a specific geography. Many users t’sake advant’sage of VPN services so t’shey can wat’sch, for example, a show on NBC when t’shey live in t’she UK. read more

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