Viddy Announces Major Update, Hopes To Beat Vine

Viddy Major Update

Viddy Major Update

Viddy on Thursday announced a major update to its video sharing program. The move is meant to help the company fight back against Twitter’s Vine application.

The new update allows users to create stop-action recording, add filters to their videos and even develop YouTube annotations for Viddy recordings.

In a company statement Viddy’s team announces:

“We are very excited for all of our Viddy community members to see what we’ve been working on and to start having fun with the second generation of our mobile social video app.”

Viddy has been attempting to take on Twitter’s Vine by adding further YouTube integration and introducing an Explore tab so users can find popular videos that have been shared by others. Viddy also allows for Facebook and Twitter sharing with a simple share button configuration.  [Read more…]

Viddy Fires Third Of Its Staff, Plans To Forge Ahead


ViddyVideo-sharing service Viddy has fired 12 of its workers, an amount equal to one-third of its total Los Angeles-based staff.

The move comes less than one month after rumors circulated in which former CEO and co-founder Brett O’Brief rebuffed an acquisition offer from social-networking service Twitter.

Rather than continuing its attempt to purchase Viddy the micro-blogging platform instead launched Vine, a nearly identical service.

While O’Brien has stepped down as CEO of Viddy his fellow co-founders JJ Aguhob and Chris Ovitz remain as president and senior vice president of business development. [Read more…]

Viddy Reaches 26 Million Users, Receives $200 Million Valuation

Viddy 200 Million Market Valuation

Viddy 200 Million Market ValuationSocial video sharing app Viddy wants to be the Instagram of mobile video sharing and the company is on its way to reaching that goal after attracting more than 26 million users and a market valuation of $200 million.

A recent report by The Wall Street Journal has also found that Viddy is currently signing up 1 million new users per day.

The company’s $200 million valuation comes after the company’s launch just one year ago.

After Instagram’s success many company’s decided to focus on video to differentiate themselves, for example the application Color which started as a photo app is now offering streaming of live video that can be shared on Facebook, however that app just passed 1 million users.  [Read more…]