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May 21, 2013

Parents Share Their Kids Online More Than Their Cats, Study Finds

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Charlie Bit My FingerWe know that everyone loves LOL Cat photos, heck iCanHazCheezburger has made a multi-million dollar business out of the practice. Yet the teams at and PlayScience have found that parents would much rather share videos, photos, and stories about their children.

According to the study parents are three times more likely to share videos of their kids (27 percent) than a pet (9 percent).

60 percent of parents responded to the survey by acknowledging that they shoot at least three videos of their children per month. 44 percent of those parents said they share at least three videos per month.  read more

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February 28, 2013

Viddy Announces Major Update, Hopes To Beat Vine

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Viddy Major Update

Viddy on Thursday announced a major update to its video sharing program. The move is meant to help the company fight back against Twitter’s Vine application.

The new update allows users to create stop-action recording, add filters to their videos and even develop YouTube annotations for Viddy recordings.

In a company statement Viddy’s team announces:

“We are very excited for all of our Viddy community members to see what we’ve been working on and to start having fun with the second generation of our mobile social video app.”

Viddy has been attempting to take on Twitter’s Vine by adding further YouTube integration and introducing an Explore tab so users can find popular videos that have been shared by others. Viddy also allows for Facebook and Twitter sharing with a simple share button configuration.  read more

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June 21, 2011

FlixLab Launches Social Video Creation and Sharing Platform

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FlixlabIt has taken years of research and development but the team at Flixlab has finally launched their new social video creation and sharing platform which allows users to share videos with their friends. The platform not only shares your videos, it ties together your friends footage to create the ultimate video of an event.

In a press release company CEO David Slater noted:

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the device of choice for consumers to capture video and photos.  Yet, most people do nothing with this footage—they just leave it on their phones, or at best upload single clips.  Our research has shown that true sharing experiences require more than just single video clips and pictures; people want to share their lives by combining multiple clips and pictures to tell a complete story.”

The program appears simple to operate, the application auto-detects your Facebook friends and then finds videos and pictures they shot from the same event where you captured footage. The program then offers to share your footage with friends, creating a collaborative video with each persons best footage.

Here’s a video explaining the program: read more

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February 1, 2011 Preparing To Launch Social Video Sharing App

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Justin TV in March will launch a new mobile app called SocialCam which will allow users to more easily upload their videos to their favorite social networks.

The announcement comes just 5 months after launched their first Google Android and iPhone apps, both which will receive the new SocialCam option. developers quickly learned that nearly 90% of live broadcast videos from their first app were actually watched after they were posted online, leading them to look more closely at social sharing .

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