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April 25, 2008

Matt Mullenweg Interview

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Kari Swisher had a chance to sit down with Matt Mullenweg of Automattic fame. It makes for some interesting speculation as to what they are up to next. I’d love to post the video but Brightcove sucks as of late. So your going to have to head over to AllthingsD to check it out. It’s worth the trip over there.

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April 20, 2008

37signals Presentation from Startup School 08 – “The secret to making money online”

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I heard him speak last year at Minnebar here in the twin cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota. He was entertaining, controversial, and kept the crowd interested. It wasn’t any different when David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) spoke at Startup School 08 this weekend.

You can see his presentation “The secret to making money online” at 37signal’s blog Signal vs. Noise.


April 17, 2008

Duncan Riley profiles Tools for your Video Career at TechCrunch

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Duncan Riley, at TechCrunch, has written a post profiling Tools for Your Video Career with an excellent rundown on online video options, software, and tools that you can use if you’re interested in moving into the world of video.

The post is full of great information – such as this rundown on

We’ve covered the occasional content deal on but we’ve never seriously looked at their distribution platform, and it’s the reason shows like Rocketboom, Mahalo Daily and Moblogic are using On top of the obvious video hosting everyone in this space provides, also offers distribution to external blogs (including an automatic option), the Internet Archive, (links), Flickr (pics from the video), Adobe Media Player, MySpace, Twitter (text alerts), Facebook, Yahoo Video, AOL Video, Akimbo, Lycos Mix, MeeVee, MeFeedia, Meebo, Blinkx, Splashcast, Pando and the most important one of all: iTunes. offers an iTunes subscription feed and file conversion service; users do have to manually go to the dashboard within and request the file conversion on a free account, but with a premium account ($8/ mth or $80/ yr) get the conversion done automatically. A premium account also has other benefits, such as priority file transcoding that in my testing made it the quickest service available (that is time from when the video was uploaded until it was ready to view).

An excellent read if video is something that you’re going after…


April 14, 2008

Google Technology to fight Child Pornography

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Google has announced that they have built custom video and image search technology that will be used by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The Center will use the technology to identity images and video that may include child porn at a much faster rate than their current search techniques.

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Video: Recording the Blog Herald Podcast Introduction – 2008.1

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Here’s a look at what the podcasting rig looks like at work as we record the introduction to today’s podcast:

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Duncan Riley Does Online Video

Duncan Riley, the original founder and editor of The Blog Herald, and now a regular on TechCrunch, have decided to dabble in online video. Yesterday he said it was coming soon, and soon is actually today. He starts out by asking FriendFeed for some cheese, which of course isn’t about actual cheese. That would be plain stupid.

Check out Duncan’s new project, and the best of luck to him!